Enfusionize™/A/B Split-Test Package for Web/Funnel Pages

A/B Split-Test Package for Web/Funnel Pages

Common websites are not designed around the objective to maximize conversions. At enfusionize™, we always recommend a strategy that involves A/B split-testing. Business owners starting out with us probably would ask, “Why do I need A/B split-testing?” Because, by having this kind of test, your web traffic is split evenly between your running web page and many completely different variations of the same page, giving you complete visibility into the decision habits of your ideal clientele, honing in on exactly what they are interested in, and delivering more of that experience to them.

Let’s say Guest 1 visits the control site, while Guest 2 visits web page variation A, and Guest 3 visits variation B. With content of the page being tested, i.e., designs, offers, contacts, or layout, the objective is to form a page that beats the conversion rate of the control. In essence, your marketing decisions will be based on the power of the Call-To-Action which is your key conversion variable.

Consider an emailing campaign example. Company A has a 2,500 membership database and launched an email campaign with a sales promo to generate market demand through its website. An A/B split-test would be simple and worthwhile. Here are a few examples of the type of information you can glean. Consider these questions:

  • What is the best time of the day your promotional coupons works? (coupons like, “lasts until Saturday”)
  • What days/times have the best open rate?
  • When is the best time for a newsletter campaign?
  • Will you be using a person’s name or your company name in the “From” line?
  • What works better in the subject line, descriptive detail or the company name?
  • What time of the day has the highest click rate total?

Experimenting with an A/B split-test in your email campaign is simple with enfusionize™, as we utilize Infusionsoft and other split-testing tools to create a maximum efficiency in your campaign efforts. For most people, a single campaign can occupy too much of their time. With enfusionize™, you have the team and confidence to make your life a whole lot easier and your decisions engaged with more intelligence.
Here are some added insights you can get from A/B testing:

  • Use market data to find the “best” method to design your web page (Note: It is not about what YOU think.)
  • Solve specific issues you have with your site pages.
  • Understand the behaviors and priorities of visitors using A/B split-tests.

It is possible to achieve breakthrough improvements using A/B split-testing. It can be used to establish a testing protocol for your email and web sites and has the power to take your business to a whole new level of engagement.

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