Interconnected, Unforgettable, Identifiable Touch Points

A lackluster, kitschy, or carelessly thought out brand image can create a perception about your business that isn’t authentic to you and your Brand. An amateur, poorly articulated Brand will give the impression that your business is not professional. An artful but misleading Brand will give an impression that misses the subtleties of who you are and how you do business. All of the elements of brand expression are important. We all know that a beautifully branded business shows that your company is in the game to win.

Our branding strategy offers you an online presence that goes beyond just looks. We will transform the way you represent your business online by creating an image that will attract, inspire, and tell your story; a beautiful and strong image that will draw loyal clients and define your influence within seconds. We want to position your company to be a leader in your market niche, and we do that by creating for you an amazing Brand that includes a vivid logo design, written style, web design, and all your visual communication.

Utilizing our specialized knowledge in Brand Intelligence™, we will elevate your imaging, EYEdentity™, and the personal/experiential side of your branding, bringing to life your core purpose and creating a memorable impression on all those who are touched by it, both online and offline.

Your brilliance can be represented in the following ways:


Logo Design

Our dedicated team is ready to listen to you, and together we will create the symbol that will best represent your business in every situation. We will develop your brand image by studying the profile of your business as well as your audience and will find the right terms, colors, symbols, metaphors, and ideas that represent both your business and your ideal clients and the way they connect.


Print Design

Once we have created the image of your business, we will explore it in a variety formats. If you need business cards, brochures, stationery, and a strong off-line presence, we are here to develop an array of materials and/or a campaign that will spark and ignite a tribe of followers.

In concert with your input and accessing your zone of genius, we will create a story to tell, a message to deliver, and the means to convey it with the commitment to bring your customers closer to you.

We are ready to offer you an amazing design experience that you will only find here at enfusionize™.


Web Design

Your website is command central for your online presence, and the Brand Intelligence™ aspect conveys your core essence—tells your story—and delivers your strategic messages; it imparts your allure to your ideal clients. Your website will be designed to clarify your brand promise and deliver that across all the online channels with which your website is networked.

The architecture, design, and content will be orchestrated in a way that makes it easy for your site visitors to find what they are looking for, to engage with you, and to readily become your customers.


Video Production

Nowadays, we can observe how businesses are leveraging their online and off-line presence through the use of videos. This is one of the most effective ways to introduce yourself, your business, and your offerings in a way that can connect very powerfully to your ideal clients.

For more effective results, you need to create a professional video strategy with attributes that cover the gamut from image quality and lower thirds to intros, music, logo design, language, and content.

To show your customers that you take them seriously, take some time and effort to demonstrate through videos how you can do amazing things for them, and they just might do anything to do business with you!


Social Media

Create an exclusive identity for your Social Media sites to be on top of your game in Social Media. Outpace your competitors by developing a Social Media strategy that not only tells but shows your clients why you are their go-to-guide for what you offer.

Create exclusive Facebook pages, packed with videos, images, Call-To-Actions, branded posts, and full of attitude. You can extend it likewise to Social Media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and much more.

You will be recognized by the excellence of your Brand and the professionalism and consistency with which you present your business.


Online Marketing and Promotions

Create and deliver email marketing campaigns, eBooks, white papers, and promotional pages that will grab your clients’ attention and provide you with unique—and profitable—business products.

There isn’t much you can’t advertise or advocate for online. And your enfusionize™ Team will create interesting and creative titles, taglines, banners, sequences, and opt-ins to ensure you have the right format with the right message when connecting and communicating with your clients.

You can become known for your specific marketing style and become a leader in your field by not only presenting but informing, educating, and drawing attention through your authentic style and vibrant offering.

Visit our Branding Intelligence™ Services Page to learn how you can stand out from your competitors with an elevated branding experience online today!

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