Conversion Intelligence

Converting messaging into a motivation for action.

Our Conversion Intelligence™ System will give you all the necessary tools and formulas to convert your audience into paying/lasting clients and customers for years to come. One of the secrets for effective conversion and maintenance of conscious conversation with your entire market is to establish unequivocally, right from the start, that you are the authority in your industry and that your clients can know, like, and trust you.

We assist you with this by telling your story thoroughly, based on real-life testimonials, REAL time transpiring events happening in your business/life, or how you developed into who you have become.  If you are brand new to business, we will ensure that the media tools at your disposal work for you–website copy, videos, and brand messages–and are contained by a content strategy that converts.

With our Conversion Intelligence™ System you can also generate more leads and increase return on investment (ROI) by creating things like special offers, free bonuses, early-bird discounts, and contests, just to name a few, that may captivate your audience by unlocking turn-key levers in your business.

Copy, Scripting for Video, Scripting for Presentations, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

There are many techniques that will be used for writing descriptive copy ideally suited to your unique clients—who may be almost hypnotized by your eloquence and presence online.  We will carefully study your niche, its demographic, social graph, your products/services, and who YOU are to develop a “voice” for you that will resonate with your tribe—in several different media formats—employing graphics and language to creatively convey.

We will also make sure we deeply understand your client needs and create a content strategy that will focus on educating them and solving their core constraints.


You will be exploring the many different ways to captivate and engender loyal clients by developing strategic offers with a goal to make you the trusted adviser and authority in your market.  Special offers, giveaways, and teleseminars are among the ways you can provide value—added to your clients who are also likely to become your brand ambassadors. Some examples of special offers include eBooks, contests, webinars, promotional newsletters, videos, etc.

There are many, many ways you can transform your web presence into a marketing machine!

Visit our Conversion Intelligence™ Services Page to learn how you can rock the competition and stand out in your field!  We can be amazing together!

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