Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

Discover the exact method for uncovering the hidden Forms of
Web Intelligence™ in your business.

enfusionize™ offers you a complete infrastructure, an all-in-one place to put it together that will change the way you do business online. With the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, you will be able to understand exactly what to do, step-by-step, to create a successful online business from conception to launch.


You won’t have to be concerned with what decisions you ought to make or what to do next because our committed team will guide you through the entire process of planning, building, developing, and most importantly, automating core functions while streamlining hands-on duties so you can focus on growing your business and fast-tracking your success as a thriving Entrepreneur.

Branding Intelligence™

Claim your Brilliance. Be remembered.™ Make an Impression. Define your unique design right now!


We want to ensure that your business will be identified with and remembered by an unforgettable experience. Even more than that, we want to cocreate a Brand that your customers and clients will remember, refer to, and associate with professionalism. We want your ideal clientele to return to your site often, as a hub and a go-to reference for everyone in your market – clients and competitors alike.

A well-branded company, especially one with multiple products and models, will show consistency, organization, and attention to details that will reflect significance and authority and leave a lasting impression on your ideal clientele. With our specific Brand Intelligence™ Identifiers, we will pinpoint the deficiencies in your Brand and design and deliver a dynamic, dimensional solution tailored to ensure your success.

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Social Intelligence™

Invest in relationships, engage socially for the purpose of creating influence with authenticity and panache. Drive markets to narrow their focus/funnel to your message, direction, guidance. The result? You have them. Their choice is clear!


in order to create an effective, established relationship between you/your business and your ideal clients, you must find out where they are, feed them with amazing, valuable information and exploit all the innovative ways you can communicate your business message—all the while nurturing your ideal clients in your intelligently designed Relationship Pathway. This pathway is built with socially driven conversion triggers and serves not only to spread your message, build your list, and acquire customers, but more importantly, to assist your message, gain traction, and begin trending in the social sphere. As your influence rises, the other Forms of Web Intelligence™ will be there to support your Brand/business every step along the way.

Your first action step is to begin interacting more with your ideal clients, utilizing online tools such as blogging, Social Media, and other engagement strategies that will bring you even closer to your market and position you as the voice of authenticity and good authority by those who may stumble upon your message. In the ever-expansive cloud of loud messages, yours will be the one that is tuned in to, and now you have an engaged, influential audience that is awaiting your next pronouncement and ready to create a buzz.

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Conversion Intelligence™

Precision-Driven Formulas that Convert Interest into Sales and Bring You Repetitive, Even Habitual, Attention.

Clients, in the long run, are more likely to be influenced by the way you prove that you are an authority in your field; you do this by having all the psychological triggers and system levers to engage and convert along every touch point throughout your marketing channels. Conversion Intelligence™ regularly gives you a bird’s-eye view of the triggers that are affecting conversions in your business while simultaneously feeding you intel about where and when to initiate and inject these into your marketing. This intel is vital for knowing exactly where your opportunities are in the Relationship Pathway and where you are deficient, i.e., where you must have the clarity of insightful experience and levers in your marketing/business processes to tweak the sometimes extremely delicate variables that can impact results in a major way.

We will give you direct access to our cutting-edge proven strategies, customizable tool sets (both software and systems), as well as core guidance and direct implementation assistance so you can immediately benefit. This combination is specifically tailored to meet your Core Objectives and business requirements, giving you a vantage point for your market niche that drastically shortens your learning curve and enables you to quickly extend your reach. Now you have the ability to respond with laser precision to your aggregated data coming from the Conversion Intelligence™ Team.

Our team will teach you the exact methods for converting leads into high-paying clients/customers who will graciously pay you at your EYEdentified™ rates, rates that are structured to convert at maximum ROI based on our in-house formulas and proprietary models.

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Strategic Intelligence™

EYEdentify™ your outcome and then with proven models in hand, architect the path, engage the currency of conscious intent, innovate right out of the gate to alleviate the drag of core constraints, and persist to attain desired outcome. Success!

You have identified your critical constraints and know that there is more to this online arena than what you have been told. How do you uncover the inner assets and develop proven techniques to ensure your next email campaign, program offering, or product launch is successful?

Engage and activate your Strategic Intelligence™ Advisers. Harness the capacity for unlimited, unbounded success by first laying down a clear, structured foundation guided by your teammates in the Web Intelligence™ Community here at enfusionize™. With this support system established, you will be able to elevate your potential, unlock previously unseen opportunities, clarify your positioning, unravel your zone of genius, and circumscribe it with specialized knowledge and proven models that point you toward ultimate success.

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Systems Intelligence™

Systematize efficient processes, engage automation, calibrate opportunities, and gear up for success.

When you take time out to analyze your business practices, your clients and their behaviors, your marketing and automation-driven triggers, and when you thoroughly observe what is happening at the top of your Conversion Funnels through to the follow-up processes at the bottom end, you now have your initial insight into Systems Intelligence™.

From this whole systems thinking approach, you have the perspective to see functions, debilitations, fragmentations, and dysfunctional ways you have been operating your business. After the shock hits, followed by the awe of what can be, comes the reality check and the realignment along the road to progress. By implementing a sound and solid approach to systemization and unification of the supportive structures that run your entire business, the result is an exponential increase in efficiency and effectiveness, and the outcome is more profound than you can imagine. It leads to hyper efficiencies, dramatic increases in sales, and all around solid business practices that others may model or emulate.

Visit our Systems Intelligence™ Portal to EYEdentify™ how you can integrate your online elements more holistically. >>Learn More

Website Intelligence™

Cast your net, tone your tech, reach wide while you focus narrow, extend your online dynasty, and fine-tune what’s at your fingertips.

Because your website is supposed to be the focal point of your online presence, it must function as self-sustaining and autonomous. Architected as a tireless machine working on your behalf, it must lay down a Relationship Pathway before your prospects’ feet that is programmed solely for your success, designed to convert ideal clients on your behalf 28/7™ and every time a visitor enters your domain.

In order for your website to be sustainable, it needs to be authoritative, consistently visited (with attraction mechanisms), easy to navigate for fluid, fast-action user experiences, and lay out the right message at the right time in order to sync with the entire customer life cycle.

Our Website Intelligence™ Team will assist you with technical work such as SEO, website speed checks, site optimizations, ideal website structure, proper web standards and code, and much more!

Visit our Website Intelligence™ Page Portal to understand how you can take advantage of our in-house website integrity check and get a full diagnostic right away. Uncover hidden gems in your existing business presence and launch with the prowess and integrity that is being called forth online by us all.

Analytics Intelligence™

Precise metrics for precision accuracy decisions leading toward the focal point of your success.

How do you measure the performance of your efforts online? Most look at a few metrics that they think measure their success and calibrate accordingly. This is a misguided perception that usually leads countless campaigns and savvy Entrepreneurs to flounder in their efforts. The true gauge for online success is a continually evolving benchmark that looks to data and bits of information for guidance amid the perpetual chaos. Comprehensive yet narrowed enough, this dynamic benchmarking has further allowed us to break down and adjust the linear code of behavior patterns online.

More a general schematic than exact science, analytics has extended our understanding of what is possible by breaking everyday processes you work with into strategic measurable algorithms in your business. We have now, at the very least, the ability to test, since can we see and know what to measure, and can determine our successes. This enables you to make appropriate and responsible decisions and no longer leaves your next campaign to chance.

Within the key metric of the Analytics Intelligence™ Model, you will find everything you require to measure comparatively and, most importantly, understand what is effectively working. On the flip side, you can determine the core constraint that has been locking down your ability to soar above the crowd, and thus, stage your next move. The aim: to position you on a forward and upward trajectory.

Within the Analytics Intelligence™ Portal, you will have access to the necessary tools to acquire accurate statistics that will track how your clients are behaving online. It will give you the requisite metrics (your key identifiers) that you must have in order to make future decisions as you develop and execute your online marketing campaigns.

Collaborative Intelligence™

Reveal the power of your hidden assets, your team, and technologies . . .

Often seen as the hidden gem while ironically working in every angle of your business, collaboration is at the forefront of any successful venture. There are really four main components to collaboration in online business. The first is the collaborative effort you develop within your team. Teamwork is the result and the invested sum of how well every moving aspect of your business is integrated, especially the foundational communication structures and systems at the team’s disposal. It’s the structures that can move mountains so you can focus on your own unique zone of genius which normally is the face of the company in its many facets. This affords you the positioning to shine brilliantly on the stage of commerce.

The second component is the actual systems that collaborate through a fascinating and complex form of Intelligent Automation, oftentimes bridging a multitude of platforms to deliver an entire user experience, all virtually on autopilot. These “unsung heroes,” a.k.a your team, are able to move oceans of information that they calibrate via your collective factor of intelligence, which then takes you farther than you imagined possible. Your advantageous mingle with this second component of Collaborative Intelligence™ will stretch your success.

The third form of collaboration, most often just seen as transactional, is the collaboration you have with your market through your marketing efforts and the path laid out by your Relationship Pathway. When you engage your ideal client base they respond in kind, opening up a reciprocity (or collaboration) as they share key tactical insight and data that will alter your marketing decisions profoundly. If your market isn’t so responsive, that will communicate the glaringly obvious sign that something has to shift in your business so that reciprocity and collaborative engagement rejuvenates.

The fourth and final component is the integration point that connects the Collaborative Intelligence™ Model at its core. This is the connection point where each of these forms collaboratively function with one another. Mastering the formula for this ultimate symbiosis will place you in a category beyond most levels of achievement and beyond what many perceive as the final destination.

Visit the Collaborative Intelligence™ Portal, master your technique, align with the various components of collaboration and integrate your business today.

Information Intelligence™

Make the most of your intellectual capital and diversify both content and its distribution.

At the heart of every business, in fact the very reason for its essential pulse, is the delivery of packets of digestible, valuable information. Without information, you have very little to offer because at the core of every market there is an appetite for information of every type, and it is insatiable. Once the market has reached a certain level of sophistication, the raging appetites quell and morph into more refined preferences. At this stage, you are quickly challenged to adapt. How you do that can change your life.

By the way you craft, create, disseminate, and assist your users with your appealing displays of bits and bytes, they may easily ingest your perfectly proportioned and deliciously designed information (nourishment for the craving soul) in any form. More profitable are information products geared toward results and outcomes, more so than a typical turn-and-burn content consumption model where the product value decreases immediately after consumption.

Once the entire Web Intelligence™ Model is successfully implemented in your business, you will be geared up for perpetual success: every way you leverage your content and every way you market your unforgettable information marketing products.

To further gain intel on your next info product and to position yourself for continued success, visit the Information Intelligence™ Portal and fast track your implementation of the Intelligent Web™ today!