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Custom Dashboard Creation

A Custom Dashboard is a very useful tool in the e-commerce arena because it helps you save time when it comes to analyzing your projections.

Here at enfusionize™, we provide you with this unique Custom Dashboard Creation service to assist you in saving time monitoring your statistics and benchmarking essential components in and operating around day-to-day on your business. With the use of pie graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, tables, other data-analysis tools, and top-level hi-tech tools, the Custom Dashboard will track your progress with at-a-glance functionality, and the decisions become considerably easier to make from that vantage point.

As an online business owner, a Custom Dashboard is a must-have because it can greatly help you hit your targets and increase sales in a fraction of the time. A Custom Dashboard acts like a motivator: when you see that your business performance lagged in a month, you will aim to perform better next month to attain better and more impressive figures. And when you see that your business did very well in a given month, you will be more motivated to maintain or even top that performance in the future.

Our team of creative developers is dedicated to providing you with a Custom Dashboard designed to meet your needs. All you have to do is provide the data that you want to be visible in the dashboard plus some necessary information needed in order to build the dashboard, and our team will do the rest.

If you are a blogger or a website owner, you may want to look at the visibility of your website, the number of times it was viewed, the most frequently visited pages, etc. If you are an online business owner, you may want to see the sales performance of your business, the revenue generated for a certain period or month, the comparison between the performance for the present month and previous months, the best-selling product or service that you offer, etc.

We can design your dashboard as simply or as decoratively as you want. A dashboard can be where the truly artful meets the analytical, where simple interacts with straightforward, where bottom line interacts with imagination. enfusionize™ will also present some design and layout suggestions for you to consider as we determine what will be most effective and functional.

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