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Banner Graphics – Premium

A banner is part of the design package within the Brand Intelligence™ realm that serves as a concrete expression of your company’s product and services. Your team at enfusionize™ knows that banners support and highlight messages of all Internet-based materials. With the Premium Banner Graphics Package, you will receive up to 8 banners. These can be original and unique, or they can contain variations on a theme. You may also prefer similar versions in several sizes.

Your Banner Graphics Package is just one component of Brand Intelligence™ and has a strong role to play within the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™.

Types of banners include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Newsletter
  • Email (Educational Nurture Sequence)
  • Email (Broadcast)
  • Affiliates
  • Website and Promotional

Banner sizes will be developed to meet the appropriate spaces available, including horizontal, vertical, square, circular, etc.

Professional development of your banner is one of the first steps to making your presence known on the Internet. A well-done banner supports strong brand recognition and can promote more click-throughs and is among the premium services you receive from enfusionize™.

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