Enfusionize™/BRAND INTELLIGENCE™/Brand and Message Development Support – Phase I

Brand and Message Development Support – Phase 1

The purpose of this foundational work is to clarify, leverage, and highlight you and your company’s unique brilliance, message, mission, and audience so that they serve as the primary references for all brand touch points and offers going forward.

 Centered from here, it’s easier to make key business decisions, attract and engage more of whom you’re meant to serve, and communicate your Brand’s essence through media, copy, photos, publications, and products as well as through the partnerships you align your company with.

 Brand and Message Development – Phase 1 Deliverables:

  1. Audience Exploration: Assessment of your current tribe via testimonials, surveys, and interviews.
  2. Audience Refinement: Exploration of how to refine your target audience and niche where relevant.   
  3. Brand/Message Exploration: Process that assists in revealing the inner/outer aspects of your Brand, its promise of transformation, and stories you share about it.

 BONUS: You’ll receive access to enfusionize™ Lead Brand Developer Dewi Maile Lim’s proprietary FUN-RAD™ Discovery Guide. Unlock the key to your Brand’s Promise! Honing in on this will assist you in standing out from the crowd and have your company attracting more ideal clients and customers with less effort.

 The Coaching Sessions:

 Five 6-Minute Coaching Sessions Used for the Following:

 ~ Brand Development as you and your company diversify and scale.

~ Message Development that relates to your Brand Story and evolution.

~ Client Engagement and Enrollment Strategy for high-level offers.

~ Branding Strategy for naming, taglines, indicators, and programs.




Phase 2 Development (not included in this round but shown here for preview of next steps)

  1. Brand Assessment: A full review of your current Brand(s), products, and services as well as the needs of your target audience you serve via your offerings.
  2. Brand Diversification: An exploration of how your Brand is evolving, expanding, and/or diversifying in the near to long-term future and what its constraints are.
  3. Additional Brand and Message Development: Building off of the work done in Phase 1.

Leverage our expertise in the Selling-By-Giving Sales Process to craft your offer and develop it, then leverage your own customized enrollment process. This process may also be taught to others if you wish to develop a Sales Team or Coaching Certification Program.

 Our sessions may contain elements of the following:

 Client Enrollment: Selling/enrolling from stage, teleseminars or webinars, exploration (a.k.a. “Get-to-Know” Sessions), program guide creation, program upsells, Selling-By-Giving Method, affiliate/referral program.

 Client Engagement: How prospects and/or clients are engaged before, during, and after your program/offering launches, group structure/dynamics/support, one-on-one coaching/strategy sessions, feedback channels, testimonial collection, affiliate/referral program, and/or special client offers.

 Program Branding/Development: Name, tagline, intent, focus, design, packaging, messaging, positioning, structure, flow, duration, price, content, upsells.


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