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In-Depth Brand Development Package

What is the value of a Brand if it’s not instantly recognizable, especially after people have seen it more than once?

With the In-Depth Brand Development Package, you will receive foundational work that will clarify, leverage, and highlight your company’s unique brilliance. Creating the Brand as an experiential aspect of your company will establish it in the minds of your potential clients. As we work with you to develop your Brand Package, your message and mission will become clear. The overarching service you provide will sharpen into focus and serve as the primary reference for any and all brand touch points going forward.

From this point of essence, or core, it is easier to make key business decisions and to attract and engage more of the clientele you are meant to serve. The essence of your mission can be conveyed through words, photos, video, and images as well as through the various initiatives with which your company chooses to align.

Your Brand Strategy comes together in Step 3, as we optimize your Brand Story. The story brings in the psychological impact connected to your core purpose. This stage will also establish how your company’s past, present, and future offerings can be positioned going forward.

Package Elements include:

  • Initial Brand Exploration: A 3-Part Process revealing the inner and outer nuances of you as your Brand, your Brand Promise (or Core Message), your tribe, what makes you stand out from the crowd, and what differentiates you from the competition.
  • Brand Assessment: A review of your current Brand or Brands, your taglines, website, and the services you offer, along with an examination of their brand equity.
  • Brand Strategy and Projection: This is the strategic charting of your Brand’s course including:
    • Exploration of your Brand’s evolution in the near- to long-term future, including development of your website, protection of your intellectual property, and evolving your communication style.
    • An extensive outlook into the heart of your brand presence: From strategic and collectively utilized assets, to your implemented approach driving your bottom line, all the way into the market’s response to your businesses persona and an assessment of the innovation that will drive your Brand into the future.
  • Selection and structure of your initial Brand Strategy and its components, including the phase in of your various brand assets, such as your logo, mascot, stationery, and other assets that will be available through your enfusionize™ Team.
  • Crafting and documenting your company’s compelling Brand Story that will establish your Brand, in the consciousness of your customers, as credible and trustworthy.
  • Brand Coaching Sessions (as needed) throughout the branding engagement until all steps are fulfilled.
  • Brand Management: Our lead Branding Coach will work on your behalf to ensure that every touch point retains its integrity with your Brand Promise and company mission throughout the branding engagement until all steps are fulfilled.

BONUS: You’ll receive access to enfusionize™ Brand Developer Dewi Maile Lim’s proprietary FUN-RAD™ Personal Branding Workbook. Cultivate Your Fundamental Radiance!

Unlock the key to your Brand’s Promise. Honing in on this will assist you to stand out from the crowd and empower your company to attract your ideal clients with greater ease.

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