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Launch Pages

Once you have decided what you want to launch, Team enfusionize™ ignites with the formulas, the frameworks, and the countdown list to power your pages into the marketplace.

Launch Pages make your case. You define your ideal client and steer away those who are not; you claim your role as expert and make your promises. In short, your Launch Pages define your tribe and draw in the customers you want to engage with and who want to engage with you.

The point of Launch Pages is to radically increase sales. The pages created include:

  • A Custom Sales Page
  • An Order Page
  • An Order Thank You Page

The Custom Sales Page is usually a long-form sales page where everything flows, in formula style, from one major point to the next. All the details of your offer—the features, benefits, caveats, special pricing strategies, the bonus incentives, and enticing images—all play together to convert leads into “Buy Now!” customers. When everything works together, the Custom Sales Page along with the Launch Pages rocket your business to whole other levels.

Our customers supply most of the copy for Launch Pages because the content is so product/service specific. Launch Pages carefully define a particular offer, event, course, or program and must showcase brand ambassadors via testimonials and even links to Social Media networks where people can comment.
Our Launch Page Package includes:

  • Custom graphics
  • Up to 4 revisions via notation software

The order page, where people fill in all their particulars, will be linked to your Infusionsoft account so that your database automatically grows with every sale.

By incorporating your Launch Pages into an overall brand package with enfusionize™, you stand to radically grow your tribe, your sales, and your loyal fans, as well as provide a gateway for affiliates and joint venture partners to join hands with you. Launch Pages truly have the power to launch you into the stratosphere.

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