Enfusionize™/BRAND INTELLIGENCE™/Livestream Branded Design Bundle

Livestream Branded Design Bundle

Doing a Livestream event can be as harrowing as it is exciting; everything happens in REAL time and you can’t afford any glitches. What you can do is plan, plan, plan and test, test, test.

Fortunately, your enfusionize™ Team is well versed and well rehearsed in doing Livestream events. We know exactly what it takes and have explored customer reactions to live events and their replays, such that, we know how you can continue to capture and convert leads throughout the Livestream marketing process.

Your Livestream Branded Design Bundle is a massive package of brand assets that includes:

  • Custom-Designed Graphics that support the strategy created for your event.
  • 1 Custom Livestream background
  • Custom Web Pages


  • Landing
  • Opt-In
  • Thank You
  • Offer
  • Upsell
  • Replay


This design bundle also includes forays into Social Media where we provide opportunities to integrate Brand Intelligence™ and Social Intelligence in your Livestream launch. Social Media services you will receive include:

  • Facebook Fan Page Pack. Facebook, once strictly an exchange of pictures of grandkids and new puppies, has become a major marketing venue. With your Design Bundle, you will receive an entire Fan Page Pack for implementation on Facebook, including:


  • Custom Tab
  • Custom Timeline Banner
  • Custom Post Graphics


  • Twitter Background Promoting Livestream Event. Twitter is another Social Media outlet that has gone commercial. Your enfusionize™ Team will prepare a background that promotes your Livestream Event in a format that will maximize exposure on Twitter, download easily on hand-held devices, and load quickly. This type of promotion can be shared quickly as friends, colleagues, and interested parties spread the information, thereby creating unlimited advertising potential.
  • Newsletter Friendly Banner or other Promotional Graphic. While print material is not as prevalent as it once was, newsletters are even more popular. Online newsletters can increase sales for online businesses exponentially.

Your enfusionize™ Team will develop a Newsletter Friendly Banner that works perfectly on your company newsletter. Or, if you prefer, we’ll make some other promotional graphic.

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