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Newsletter Template – Styled Theme

Brand Intelligence™ is about delivering your message and your impact at all customer touch points.

With the popularity of online newsletters to share your intel and expertise with your clients, your newsletter is one of your most often looked at brand assets. As such, it needs to convey your brand message and reflect, in its banners, headers, formatting, and design, the essence of your Brand.

Many may make the mistake of using online templates for this kind of communication vehicle; templates that have no similarity whatsoever to your logo and your webskin. If this is you, you need to read on!

ALL your customer touch points deliver the message and promise of your Brand. Without congruent brand assets, you send confusing messages to your tribe. When you pay attention to every detail of customer interaction and make sure that everything your customers and clients receive reflects the promise of your Brand, you develop loyal, reliable, enthusiastic ambassadors who are willing to engage with you, and beyond that, network and advertise on your behalf.

At enfusionize™, we take care to assure that everything you use and apply is customized to your Brand. If you do have a newsletter, we will create a designed and structured theme that aligns with your brand assets and your brand promise.

It will be built to draw readership into engaging your content using specific CTAs. The Calls-To-Action will lead to click-throughs to your relevant marketing channel, including but not limited to:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Landing Page
  • Social Network
  • Member Site
  • Affiliate Promotion

This template will be used for Community Newsletters, and it will interface seamlessly with the formats of each platform so that your messages are delivered clearly.
We will set up this custom-styled theme in Infusionsoft, starting with your first newsletter. This will give you a real version to use as a template, as opposed to a mere shell, and you can see how it functions to attract your ideal clients and draw in new potential customers.

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