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Professional Brand Mark

Your logo is the symbol of your Brand. It is also the impression of your Brand, a translation of feeling, purpose, and what-is-your-business-all-about information that serves to promote your business and, more importantly, to attract customers.


Your team at enfusionize™ knows the intrinsic value of a well-designed logo and the powerful role it can play in brand representation.  The most successful Brands continue to reveal that a swoosh, or a mermaid, can come to mean everything the Brand promises and can become part of your life or lifestyle. When your logo actually becomes synonymous with your Brand, you’ve made it in the marketplace.


As we utilize the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ to present your company to the world, we focus on Brand Intelligence™ and everything it means to concentrate, reflect, and clearly translate your business mission and purpose into your logo. Your logo will be professionally designed and architected to reflect the power of your product or service as well as the integrity of your business.  An amateurish logo can ruin your company’s credibility before you even get started and leave your ideal clients and potential partners almost blind to the high-caliber individual(s) that you are and uncertain about what your company represents.


Your logo design from enfusionize™ will include as many as eight (8) rounds of design. Once you present your ideas to us, we assign our world-class design team to your logo project and revise it until it is exactly what it is meant to be: a standard above and beyond what others present in the market. The result will be one complete, polished, and perfected brand mark that will be placed on all of your promotional material, websites, and Social Media sites. You will also receive print copies as well as web-ready files.


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