Enfusionize™/BRAND INTELLIGENCE™/Social Media Site Branding Package – Entry Level

Social Media Site Branding Package – Entry Level

With the enfusionize™ Social Media Site Branding Package, you will receive a customized creation of your very own CTA, or Call-To-Action, graphic. This is important because it serves to get someone visiting your site to make a commitment to share some information with you. And that could be the start of something big.

A Call-To-Action is just what it implies—a phrase that starts with a verb that requests or subtly demands a site visitor to do something. Something more original than just “Click Here.” You want them to take some action and provide you with some contact information, usually an email address. From there, you can either make an immediate sale or begin your campaign to turn this new “lead” in your database into a paying customer.

The Social Media Site Branding Package Entry Level includes implementation of your CTA on your Social Media sites as well as your website. This implementation is a major move toward getting your Brand into the public eye and establishing your place in the marketplace. It represents a perfect melding of Brand Intelligence™ and Social Intelligence™ in that we use the public’s desire to connect with others to make your Brand accessible to your ideal customer.

This is just one more way in which your team at enfusionize™ gives you an initial branded Social Media presence as you enter the Social Media marketing arena.

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