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White Paper and PowerPoint Presentation

A White Paper, along with a PowerPoint Presentation, are in-depth, supplemental brand assets that you can develop to more fully explain and showcase your areas of expertise, or what we like to call your zone of genius.

To flesh out your campaign and get the most from Brand Intelligence™, your enfusionize™ Team will work with you to develop a White Paper and PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) that contain branded, customized graphics that will frame your extraordinary content. With these dual powerhouse assets in your arsenal, you can pack a real punch when it comes to market impact. There is nothing like a great White Paper or an innovative PowerPoint Presentation to engender confidence and add commercial credibility to your Brand.

The presentation we create will be up to 20 pages and 20 slides comprised of custom graphics that clearly reflect your Brand and outline your products and services. Pricing, delivery, payment options, and other principal information will be prioritized and placed. If you envision having more pages, our brand development expert can work with you to further develop any graphics and slides. The rate will be adjusted according to the final page/slide length of the final product.

Brand Intelligence™ makes it possible to propel your Brand into the spotlight and drive your ideal customer to the top of your Sales Funnel.

In developing your White Paper and PowerPoint Presentation, your enfusionize™ Team will:

  • Create custom-branded templates for both files. These may be repurposed as your mission grows with items like updated product descriptions and current offerings.
  • Design compelling covers for White Paper and PPT that inspire exploration. Without a cover that encourages the viewer to investigate further, your presentation may not attract the attention it deserves. Part of our strategy is to create an enticing cover that draws people in to find out more about your company.
  • Design up to four custom graphics that highlight key metrics so that the data has visual appeal. This may be in the form of a common pie chart, graph, flowchart, or other familiar design. These customized graphics serve to portray your information in a succinct manner.
  • Insert supportive stock imagery and graphics, where appropriate, to highlight key concepts. The majority of people are visual learners and having images and graphics make your point quickly with easily understood representations.
  • PSD, PDF, PPT and any other file variations of both presentations and custom graphics. All of these formats are popular ways to communicate B2B, or Business to Business, and with potential customers and vendors as well. We can convert the file to any format you need in order to empower your presence in your niche market.

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