Enfusionize™/BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE™/Business Intelligence™ – The Basics

Business Intelligence™ – The Basics

Integrating the many forms of Intelligent Website™ aspects with the detailed operational principles behind bottom lines, efficiency models, and profit margins to reach your targets.

 Business Services:

Based on our Business Intelligence™ Models, we can create a strategic plan that includes an assessment of your assets, a model for integration, and suggestions/options for innovation along a timeline. This way, you will know when/how you can optimize what you have and plan the right time to execute on new projects for next level movements in your business.

Core Supportive Force and Frontline Offensive Strategy

  • Website Assessments
  • Growth Strategies Utilizing Formula7™ and Market Analysis
  • Mapping for Expansion
  • Decision-Making Frameworks (Mind Maps, Gliffy)
  • Specific Models around Knowing Whether or not Your Business is Ready for Expansion
  • Examining and Determining Your Next Big Project
  • Personnel/Talent Review and New Hires Framework
  • Creating an Intellectual Container for all Your Data/Information
  • Infusionsoft Consulting and Overall Business Integration
  • Website Restructuring and How that Impacts Your Entire Company/Brand


Business Intelligence™ Definition:

 Your business and professional life, as a whole, provide the overarching environment in which you work and play. It’s as much what you do as how you do everything that informs Business Intelligence™.  How you manage, market, sell, relate, deal with stressful situations, correct and adjust (especially in the moment of decision making), artfully invent, position, and leave-well-enough-alone all matter. All these behavioral, strategic, and intuitive elements are part of the grand essence of Business Intelligence™.

 As such, Business Intelligence™ is not something you can buy, it is something you grow from your own experiential vantage point. And because it involves so many moving parts and requires so much “intelligence,” it is easier to grow and evolve when you mastermind your business with high-level, experienced professionals who can move you farther, faster.

 Business Intelligence™ is the home and hub where you live with your ideas and make your strategic decisions. It’s the place where you not only design where you have to go, it is where you ultimately understand how a change here or a movement there affects all the other forms of intelligence in your business, and from this centralized, omniscient vantage point, you map out your detailed game plan. Think of it as “Intelligence Central.”


To gain further intel in order to position yourself for continued success, visit the Business Intelligence™ Portal and fast-track your implementation of the Intelligent Web™ today!

Business Intelligence™ Components:

  • Strategic Vantage Point
  • Toolkit: All Forms of the Intelligent Web™
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Predictive Capability
  • Fulcrum for Decision-Making


  • Core Supportive Force and Frontline Offensive Strategy
  • The Logistics M.A.P.™
  • Decision-Making Frameworks
  • Intellectual Container for All Your Data/Information


Business Intelligence™ is your opportunity to continually differentiate your business through your passion for improvement, engagement, and inquiry that will inform the behavioral, strategic, and intuitive decisions you make on an ongoing basis. Business Intelligence™ blends the purity of inner integrity with the shape-shifting requisites necessary to innovate in order to secure your business success.


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