Enfusionize™/BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE™/Extensive Education Session for Understanding your Web IQ™

Extensive Education Session for Understanding your Web IQ™

       Get Your Intelligence Quotient

This essential process will provide you with a benchmark ranking regarding how much you know and understand about the dynamics, structures, information systems, branding, and other elements of your online presence.

 We unpack what it is you must know through a series of readings, recordings, and exercises. As you complete the learning material, you receive an intelligence quotient—a benchmark of your proficiency.

 Our premier “session” is designed as a personal development process that provides insight and intelligence around the particular form of intelligence you select.

 This is geared to anyone who has an online presence and is intended as a self-empowering educational tool.  Select from these options:

  1. Stand-Alone Classes
  2. A Pack of Classes
  3. Personalized Coaching Programs


Elements of this educational session:   

  • Self-Paced
  • Teaching Methods:
    • set of questions
    • documents and exercises
    • audio recording
  • Personal Call with Assessment and Feedback
  • Clear Direction for How to Improve Your Business
  • Options for Services and Ways to Connect to Other Forms of Intelligence


The coaching call will enable you to lock into the things you don’t know about so you can have a better understanding, holistically, and implement those pieces in your business.



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