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Collaborative Round Table Business Building

This high-level strategic team-building approach is one that takes collaboration to another level of development. Collaboration is not just about how you do things together. It is the “why” you do them and, more importantly, the combined impact it has on decision making and future outcomes as it relates to your business and, more profoundly, your own life.

Collaboration puts equanimity and transparency at the heart and center of your core team and empowers the team to shine brighter and go farther with your overall objectives. The intent is to foster not only transparency but to support successful and mutually beneficial partnerships and raise the bar in everything managed and touched by your newfound collaborative. It requires a deepening commitment to and engagement with creativity and ownership as well as inspiring new leadership to be born from rising levels of mutual trust and commitment. Teamwork really matters, and true teams are not directed by an autocratic leader.

Sitting at the proverbial round table is about opening up tools and systems for collaboration and placing equal weight on member input when it comes to decisions that impact the entire business. Open conversations guide you to come to the best possible solution every time and empower the zone of genius within the collaborative.

Running your business as a mastermind group changes the game quite a bit and requires a different tone and tempo regarding relationship building and trust. To harness these elements, it is imperative to lay down a clear, easy way to foster natural forms of communication, sharing, and supporting while maintaining the integrity, respect, and established values already set forth in your business.

If you want to open yourself up to a learning organization where the core value is share, share, share, you must have the communications and collaborative tools in place and in practice to honor your goals and vision of success.

Stretch beyond any boundaries or hidden constraints in your business and personally embrace the collaborative approach to successfully operating your business. Collaborative team building is at the heart of enfusionize™, and we have invested years going deeper and deeper within this approach . . . and continue to refine.

We will provide methodologies, tools, and implementable strategies to ensure you are successful on the path toward an integrated, team-based approach to your conscious business.

There are many forms of collaboration within your business for us to look at and provide consultation in so you can maximize the talent you have, work efficiently, and determine the right course for integrating a (collaborative form of) Round Table Business Building into your existing modeling.

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