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Launch Initiation: Preparing Your Process and Launch Strategy

One of the most outstanding benefits that comes from working with your team at enfusionize™ is the collaboration that occurs between all of the experts in our operation. Collaborative Intelligence™ is only one of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, but it’s where everything comes together during your Launch Initiation. As we prepare your Launch Strategy and Process, we are working closely with you to outline the process, incorporate your brand assets and material, and design the funnel that will yield concrete outcomes. Our aim is to prepare for a successful launch that creates the impact your business deserves.

Our overall objectives for Phase I are to:

1.       Define your strategic launch game plan.

2.       Create a complete custom Playbook from which you can run current and future launches.

3.       Design your entire Sales Funnel and provide you with designs for each page within the  funnel.

4.       Evaluate your entire business and provide you with a clear picture of any gaps in or inadequacy of content.

5.       Provide you with a detailed launch calendar.

6.       Help you design a JV/Affiliate Strategy to attract and retain incredible promotional partners.

7.       Leave you READY TO LAUNCH immediately.

 8.      Complete Launch Mindmap and Graphic Blueprint.

In this stage, we will define your strategic launch game plan. We will create an essential mindmap so you can see all the necessary components for running a full-scale, successful launch, all in one document. In addition, we will create a graphic blueprint of the entire sales process for your upcoming launch. The mapping and Blueprint will provide a clear direction for all of the facets of Phase I.

Full Instructional Launch Playbook for Running Every Step of Your Launch

We will create a complete custom Playbook by which you can run current and future launches. This is not a one-use project Playbook because the principles and sequences contained are perfected by your enfusionize™ Team for perennial use.

Step #1: Using the Designate/Delegate Checklist, we will assist you in aligning the core strengths within your team and identify where additional support is required.

Step #2: Playbook Mechanics. With the framework of the elements of your launch in place, our team will customize a Launch Playbook, integrating your vision of the experience and results you are aiming to achieve.

Step #3: Feasibility Review. Each team member looks through his/her assignments in the Playbook and provides feedback on whether they can feasibly accomplish the tasks by the dates specified.

–          Set up your launch implementation schedule in our project management application.

–          Define due dates for each task.

–          Add as many details as possible for each task.

–          Assign each task to a team member or define who will be hired for that task.

Step #4: Further refine the Launch Implementation Plan using this feedback and sign off on the completion of Phase I.

Design Wireframes for Each Page of Your Launch Sales Funnel

The design of your entire Sales Funnel involves first wireframing your pages so the most important content is organized and assigned a location. We then will provide you a design for each page of your funnel. These wireframes will give you a clear understanding as to how we will build out the Sales Funnel, and we can optimize the sales process with a clear visual view of your Prelaunch Funnel.

Complete Launch-Ready Business Evaluation and Action Plan

In this section, we evaluate your entire business and provide you with a clear picture of any proverbial holes that need to be filled.

Step #1: Overview of Foundational Elements: We will go through what it takes to successfully launch your next program and outline your Launch Playbook (a.k.a. the Launch Bible) which will guide us through the process.

Step #2: Launch Assessment Review: We’ll go through the Launch-Ready Assessment, interview style, and detail your launch readiness for this upcoming campaign. Anything that needs to be done to prepare for the launch will be added to the Playbook.

Step #3: Assignment (Designate-/Delegate-It Checklist): This checklist will be pre-prepared and give you a complete overview of the launch process and responsibilities so you know at a glance what essential components are being handled and by whom.

Detailed Launch Calendar

Step #1: Assess Products, Programs and Events: We’ll determine which offers are going to be the best moneymakers and which will create the best positioning.

Step #2: Create Priority Framework: List out the main priorities in your business and how each of these items fits in.

Step #3: Determine Time Frame to Promote and Launch Each Item.

Define JV/Affiliate Strategy for Attracting Stellar Promotional Partners

Step #1: In this step, we assess current promotional partners and potential partners. We’ll help you determine the probable effectiveness of your current promotional partners and decide who else should be included in your strategy.

Step #2: We will create an Affiliate Attraction Strategy, determining who your affiliates are, where will you find them, what motivates them, and how can you give them exactly what they want.

Step #3: We develop strategies for keeping partners happy and motivated.

– Additional Support Included:

Support item #1 – You receive up to three 60-Minute Prelaunch Phase I calls, determining the type of launch and its strategy with our core team. This will include calls around the launch questionnaire—essential for us to “dig in” and effectively prep you for launch.

Support item #2 – Team enfusionize™ will meet internally as many times as necessary to structure the foundational elements of your Playbook in preparation for your Launch Phase 1. You’ll show up to your initial meeting in the prelaunch process knowing our team has laid the groundwork to ensure that our time together during the prelaunch process is maximized.

Support item #3 – Team enfusionize™ will meet with you for a 90-minute call to determine opportunities and potential constraints in your overall business and strategize with you on how to make the most of them.

Support item #4 – (optional) Custom walk-through of Infusionsoft, tailored to your business model and upcoming goals. We will showcase possible strategies that may be profitable for you.

Support item #5 – Creation of a communication plan that keeps partners motivated, involved, and promoting as much or more than they agreed to.

Should you elect to have enfusionize™ execute your Launch Plan, the fee for your Launch Initiation will be applied to that engagement. The total cost for Launch Implementation will be based on the complexity of the launch. The total will include the initial retainer for Phase 2 plus 10-20% of the back end (based on our negotiations).

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