Consciousness Quotient (CQ) Assessment:

Answer each question by selecting a number from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest) that best represents where your company is currently at.

How happy are you with your website?

1 (My website absolutely sucks) --> 9 (My website is totally amazing!)

Is your website set up to faciliate the level of business that you want to achieve?

(No, it’s not even serving me where I am) --> 9 (Yes, it’s prepared for what we want to achieve and more)

Do you have the proper Internet Marketing Channels in place for effectively Converting Leads?

1 (No, what are you talking about?) --> 9 (YES! We are rocking it!)

How well does the look and feel of your website match the lifestyle and values of your ideal clients? (layout, colors, themes, fonts, is it stimulating or serene, etc?

1 (It’s not connecting with my ideal clients at all) --> 9 (My ideal clients feel totally welcomed and excited about my website) or (As soon as my ideal client comes to my site they feel welcomed and at home. They’re SO excited to have found me!)

Does your website have a clear, compelling call to action that you completely feel in alignment with?

1 (It is calling me to action to change it) --> 9 (I am converting 100% of the people my offer is perfect for)

If you are using video on your website, are you satisfied with the congruency between who you TRULY are and how you show up in the video?

1 (No, I totally don’t recognize that person) --> 9 (Yes, I am totally myself and I love how well it connects with folks who come to my site!)