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With Technical Sophistication™


We utilize a unit-based model to let you see the relative value of each and every service we provide. Implicit in this value are our standards of performance and deliverables.

Units provide a way for you to track/monitor what you are getting each month and select or even change what you want to receive in any given month based on the implementation cycle that was established. This built-in flexibility of the unit system helps us coordinate and arrange the services to assure a particular outcome—always with an eye toward maintaining quality and value.

You have a dedicated set of team members who are working cohesively to support your business from week to week, month to month.

We will orient you to our system and give you a thorough review of what we offer and then what we recommend you sequentially select to achieve the outcome you seek.


  • Intelligent Web
    Services Monthly

    • Unit Amount per package

      Unit Amount per package

      The minimum amount of units per package is 20. You will see that each service has been assigned a certain number of units. In this way, you can do some ala carte shopping and select from our array of offerings the type of support you require to move your business forward. The units represent services offered within a one month period.

      So, for example, if you select our Private Coaching Session at 1.5 units; a marketing automation MAP to see a visual of the process; Branding assistance with the Brand Development Package at 5 units; Social Media Management Gold Package Set-up at 5 units, (11.5 so far), you have 8.5 more units to “spend.” Want to get to implementation that month? Then, you might add in the Technology Package at 4 units and the Rapid Implementation Day coaching session at 3.5. By concentrating your units on one particular initiative, you can ramp up your activity in just one month.

      You can also utilize these units to slowly build up your resources and assets to complete a major launch at some point in the future.

    • Custom Content

      Custom Content

      This is the biographical, business model, pricing structures, product descriptions, and commercial material you have available from your business that you share with us.

      All these are examples of the types of content-specific services enfusionize™ offers with over 150 services (in the 7+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ model) within the intelligent web ecosystem. This is a sampling of the most popular things our clients engage us on in terms of different items and within each one there are different services that we offer which are available to see on our services portal. This is a fluctuating model and you can utilize this anyway in your business from month to month.

      Think of this as your main menu from which you will most likely require assistance and support as you move through the year and apply effort to meet your profit/revenue/sales/lead generation and long term success goals.

    • Blogging


      Blogging is the cornerstone of daily/weekly updates you can provide to engage your market and provide REAL time insights and information positioning you as the authority in your field. We will provide a dedicated blogger that will write for you specifically to engage your target audience.

      Concurrently, we will provide strategies for optimizing your overall approach to creating a contextual conversation regarding your business and latest offerings in the marketplace and converting traffic with highly positioned CTA’s in every blog post.

    • Brand Development

      Brand Development (Branding, Call-to-Action Graphics)

      If your business is lacking in any brand assets, like a logo, a branded website, stationery, business cards, graphics for social media campaigns, banners, a conversion optimized sales funnel, email, newsletter, eBook templates, Call to Action and opt-in graphics, enfusionize™ can design and produce anything and everything you require-- for the digital and/or physical world.

    • Copywriter

      Copywriter (Sales/Web Copy, Email, Scripting)

      Your online presence means very little if you cannot communicate with clear and entertaining copy. Team enfusionize™ has a powerful blend of copywriters and brand experts to empower your voice and support your online presence through our copywriting services.

      Supporting websites, newsletters, eBooks, email sequences, sales funnel content, video scripting, VSL’s and social media campaigns, etc. -- our conversion driven content generation services will make your life a whole lot easier while significantly impacting your bottom line.

    • Infusionsoft (implementation and Coaching)

      Infusionsoft (implementation and Coaching)

      Automation Marketing is the pinnacle of your online business, as it places the power of your online systems together in a way that achieves maximum leverage with the least amount of output. Infusionsoft provides you with this opportunity.

      By strategically operating your business through this all-in-one platform, you open your business to the possibility of achieving success in ways that were not possible before; and it’s positioned to sustain you for years to come. Having the right guidance and support is essential. By creating a foundation for your business to thrive, you can make bold, definitive moves aimed at fine-tuning every aspect of your business. We step into mastercraft scenarios, scout for maximum opportunity and set you on the path to online success. With over six years of Infusionsoft experience and hundreds of implementations for high-level product launches, enfusionize™ has you covered. Rest assured.

    • Meetings


      At enfusionize™, we understand that true collaboration requires a meeting of the minds on results desired and the pathway to get there. Collaborating using technology is easy and facile for anyone and everyone, no matter where you are in the world. We work with people in any timezone and make meeting time productive through agenda setting and action planning.

    • Metrics Analysis

      Metrics Analysis

      Leveraging your assets in online marketing is crucial for building lasting success.

      There are many ways to create and execute go-to-market strategies. One major focal point that is often undermined or not clearly understood is your key metrics and the continuous analysis of your marketing and online systems. To be able to take your product/service and leverage higher profit margins, lower costs to deliver and lessen your lead acquisition costs is a major asset, and this is where taking the step to define your own benchmarks comes into clear focus.

      Our team will define and refine your business and marketing based on REAL time data feeds and well-calibrated and implemented models for attaining online success.

    • SEO


      Optimization your website attracts organic traffic; optimizing your business is critical for efficiency and profitability. Structuring your website and content makes you organize your thinking in a way that places critical importance and priority on how you see yourself as a professional and also how you truly compete online.

      We create specific strategies around your ideal search terms and test and create relevant connections so you rise to the top within search engines and into the minds of your ideal clients and customers. As you become an authority in your market, we have an in-house team dedicated to delivering an action plan and implementation process to position you. We will create a proverbial moat around your online fortress where you own first page listings and rankings for many to all of your most searched-for terms.

      Protect your good name by fashioning your online presence with proven forms of relationship and reputation management online.

    • Social Media & Marketing

      Social Media & Marketing

      Most people are very familiar, even habitually connected to some sort of online interaction and the social networks are a stronghold in this regard. They foster connection, growth and, more casually, a place to hang out. When you think of your business in this space, you often wonder how exactly you will make an impression that does not leave others feeling like you are just doing business as usual.

      How can you turn this free-flowing dynamic form of traffic into a funnel that delivers your message with the full attention of those in that particular space? By deploying state-of-the-art relationship management skills and good, old-fashioned communication and connection building. That gives you a great foundation to begin implementing the strategies we will create specifically in connection with how you are interacting online now.

      Then, we will transition you to how you wish to leverage social media as your powerful channel for profit and engagement so that when you do speak online, people turn your way and truly are interested in what you have to share.

    • Strategic Coaching

      Strategic Coaching

      Among the entrepreneurial experts at enfusionize™ are people certified on Infusionsoft & Digital Marketer, experts at branding and social media, copywriting and conversion. You can uplevel your game and get educated with practical tips, advice and consults via our strategic coaching package

      You can get private 1:1 sessions or 1:team sessions depending on what you require at any given time.

    • System Integration

      System Integration

      The most important aspect of a complex website is the integration of the various parts so that they make a smooth-functioning, cohesive whole. Imagine having an automated marketing funnel that doesn’t jive well with your payment platform. To have various components that don’t interconnect is like having a new lamp but no socket to plug it in to: you have the potential for light, but you don’t actually get to shed any light---anywhere.

      Our systems integrations package puts our technology-savvy team on your side to make sure your software assets are functional, they inter-relate and provide the features you want to see.

    • Technology Package

      Technology Package

      When you realize that to grow your business, or to increase the functionality of your business, you require some additional software, plug-ins, Wbsite adjustments to significantlly impact your onsite SEO, new apps or features, the technology package may be just what you need.

      What’s in the technology package is our expertise applied to what you want to achieve. We don’t prescribe the technology you get, but rather we work together to determine the outcome you desire and then make it happen.

    • Visability (Traffic)

      Visability (Traffic)

      Attracting people to your business is the very lifeblood of your online business. Attracting the right types of people allows you to go further with your message because you are spending less energy weeding out those with whom your offer may not be the right fit.

      enfusionize™ takes a holistic and tactical approach to acquiring traffic by creating the right types of relationship pathways that segment the leads so that you are delivering a relevant, high-quality experience. This lets you turn a profit sooner and is an absolutely must when launching anything at any scale, whether from organic to social media to jv partners to paid ads. A clear presence, on-target messaging, a direct, relevant offer-- you will generate the traffic that is looking for you and they are yours to nurture.

    • Webinar Support

      Webinar Support

      As we are experts at product launches, webinar, and teleseminar projects, enfusionize™ can easily empower you to produce your webinar by setting up your pre-webinar funnel, supporting scripting, video coaching and feedback, and designing all the assets that you will need to promote, register and follow up with participants.

      Whether live or automated, on Google Hangout or Stealth Seminar or any platform out there, your team is here to assist you with your webinar marketing project.

    • Website Development

      Website Development (Web, Sales Funnel)

      Perhaps the most complex of all of our products and offerings, the website development and sales funnel package is about assisting you to bring many different elements, objects, processes, and practices together into a beautiful, functioning, impactful package. Because there are so many parts to putting a website together, with this package you can pick and choose what to get done based on your priorities, your budget and your timeframe. While a sales funnel can be put together in a month, a website may take longer---much longer.

      We’ve built hundreds of sites and can guide and coach you through what needs to be done and what technical features, options, and capabilities may be beneficial to your offering that you may not have thought about.

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  • Essential

    • 40
    • 1x per Week

  • Premier

    • 85
    • 2x per Week

  • Advanced

    • 130
    • 3x per Week

  • Pro

    • 180
    • 4x per Week

Making Changes: Change Request Forms

Sometimes it is necessary to change direction temporarily, to switch gears, or to backtrack when in the middle of a project implementation. This goes along with the logic and decision-making process that sometimes requires a side step or a back-track loop in order to move forward on the right course.

Since our retainer model is structured in units, we have the ability to alter the unit allocation from one service to another midstream, if the project requires it. However, given how easy it is to get stuck in the middle of initiatives and force confusion, it is imperative that we look at every change request for its relevance and priority and then assign the appropriate unit value to it in accordance with your monthly allocation.

After the request form is submitted, your team will thoroughly review your needs and assess how to implement the change based on the impact, time required, and unit allocation constraints. Once this is determined, we will contact you for more data on the request, a timeline for implementation, additional information, etc., so we can meet your needs as efficiently as possible without impacting other parts of the project.