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10x10x4 Video Follow-Up

What do we mean by 10x10x4?

It’s the number of videos you’ll make with us (24 in all) that will get your customers learning about just what you do, what they didn’t know you do, and how good you are doing it.

We’ve found that the 10x10x4 Video Follow-Up Sequence is an extremely effective marketing tool, as it keeps you engaged with your clients regularly and keeps them getting great content, good follow-up, and a lot more familiar with you and your business.

With video going viral in popularity and with many channels available for videos like this to be posted, you’ll have an arsenal of material that can be used and then repurposed all over your Social Media network.

Designed to function as either a follow-up or as an opt-in sequence, your 10x10x4 series will keep your customers engaged according to the strategy that is determined. For example, maybe you’ll send a daily video to your list in advance of a major campaign launch, or maybe you’ll send two per week for 12 weeks (three months) in advance of a LIVE event.

Once your videos are filmed and edited, they will get uploaded to YouTube. Using a special service, we can blast them out to over 100 Internet sites. This will create tremendous visibility and start driving a ton of new traffic to your site. More traffic means more conversions.

Your team at enfusionize™ will guide you throughout the entire process, teaching you exactly what you need to know for scripting and filming your sequence. From there, they will take care of everything else to do with your video, including editing, finalizing, adding an introduction, and posting.

Your 10x10x4 Video Follow-Up Sequence will include:

  • Detailed explanation of the 10x10x4 Formula and how to make it work best for your business.
  • A one-hour brainstorming session to create the perfect topic list that will draw in your ideal customers.
  • Custom script for your Call-To-Action “back bumper” video (to be appended to the end of each video).
  • Module on video production: filming, staging, lighting, what to wear, and so much more.

Your 10x10x4 Package is sure to bring in the new customers, so be prepared for business to pick up!

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