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Copy – 5 Email Sequence

Conversion Intelligence™ is perhaps most often applied in the art and science of emailing. With your team at enfusionize™, you receive expert copywriting for your emails.

With the 5 Email (Existing Customer) Sequence, you will receive 5 masterfully crafted emails written in a voice and style that will resonate with your ideal clients. Each email will be between 300 and 350 words long. This is long enough to communicate with the client but not so long that they fail to read the entire email. Keeping readers engaged is crucial.

With your Email Sequence, your team will implement an effective marketing strategy to turn your existing, high-value customers into higher-paying clients who desire a more lasting relationship with you. This marketing strategy will be infused into the headers, first lines, main body, sign-offs, and P.S., so that from start to finish, each email is compelling, relational, converting, and so worth reading, your client can’t wait to get the next email.

Your expert team will develop your emails using proven conversion tactics and formulas for placement that improve read-through, click-through, and opt-in rates.

Finally, your emails will mesh fluidly with site content and other marketing materials so that you show up as a cohesive, consistent presence.

As one of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Conversion Intelligence™ will turn your online efforts into income.

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