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Automated Webinar

The Automated Webinar exemplifies the way technology breaks down the barriers of time and location and enables you to connect to your tribe with meaningful content, wherever they are in the world and whenever they want to tune you in. It’s a tool for conversion and exists solely to enable you to deliver great content in an engaging format.

Your webinar can serve to more deeply explain who you are and what you do; it can be used to establish your expert authority in your field; it can promote you along with your partners for a particular event or initiative. You get the picture.

And yes, the webinar is a video recording that you can sell or leverage as a bonus offer to support your list-building efforts. At enfusionize™, we support webinar strategy making, scripting, producing, editing, and embedding. The best webinar is the one you conceive yourself and infuse with all your passion and imagination to make it uniquely you and with an offer that is just irresistible.

Our Automated Webinar Service comes with XXXX hours of coaching, XXXX filming/editing, and XXX scripting support.

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