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Copy Jumpstart Package

At enfusionize™, we know that it’s good practice to jumpstart your copywriting and video package. With the Copywriting Strategy and Jumpstart Package, you receive intensive work dedicated solely to getting your website copy written and videos edited for your Comprehensive Launch Package. When combined with the other 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, this kind of Conversion Intelligence™ applied to your copy puts everything in place for a successful launch.

The package involves a two-step process of assessment and construction:

  •  Assessment of Existing Copy: Some of your existing copy may be just exactly what your website needs. Other copy will be extraneous or confusing. Your team will evaluate all of the copy on your site and weed out that which would damage your client relations or otherwise steer them away.


  • Determine actual copy requirements based on desired outcomes.
  • Determine what new content needs to be written.


  • Construction of a Brand New Home Page: In most cases, a new Home Page is crucial to a new launch. It announces to your ideal clients that you have something new to offer. When they see a refreshed Home Page, they will expect change and will be drawn in to explore your offerings. This Home Page will:


  • Contain copy that connects and engages, based on client profile.
  • Clearly identify customer needs.
  • Let visitors know they are in exactly the right place to get those needs met.
  • Contain clear, compelling Call-To-Action.
  • Contain irresistible opt-in copy.


  • Custom Welcome Video Script for Home Page: The customized script will add a personal and professional touch to your Home Page and will communicate information that would otherwise be overlooked.
  • Write/Edit 10 Additional Priority Pages: These pages are crucial in that they will increase your visibility on the Internet and attract the attention of search engines. In addition, the pages will reflect your Home Page and tie your presentation together. These pages will:


  • Be based on priorities identified in consultation.
  • Strongly articulate client needs and give solutions.
  • Include compelling Calls-To-Action for the next step.


  • Full Edit of New or Existing Free Report: This will ensure that your new or existing copy fulfills all of the elements of Strategic and Conversion Intelligence™ to maximize your launch. This may include a simple edit or drafting and finalizing the new free offer from an outline, so time required is quite variable. This edit will ensure that your copy:
  • Fulfills a real, client-identified need.
  • Is succinct and easy to digest.
  • Includes built-in seeding of your services.
  • Includes multiple Calls-To-Action for the next step in your Relationship Pathway.
  • New Opt-in Email Sequence and/or other priority email sequences. The new opt-in draws in client contact information so you can begin to expand your business exponentially.

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