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Sales Copy and Video Script

Authentic, high-integrity Sales Funnel Copy is essential in creating the know-like-and-trust factor required for a successful launch.

With these words, we connect the dots between your ideal clients’ needs and desires and your offerings. Through reading and watching videos, ideal clients get a strong, compelling sense of you, and your vision becomes a SHARED vision.

They get in touch with their deep desires, and when they see your offerings through that lens, they see the potential for fulfilling their desires AND serving a valuable mission at the same time! This is what making-sales-while-making-a-difference is all about.

The Essential Sales Copy Package includes:

  • 1-hour consulting call with other key Team Enfusionize™ players to solidify the Sales Funnel Strategy, offer, and ideal client avatar
  • Magnetism: Landing Page/Opt-In Copy and Video Script – Creating a magnetic, must-click opt-in page for your ideal clients so they become not only part of your email list but part of your tribe
  • Clarity: Sales Page Copy and Video Scripting – Showing your ideal clients the value of your offerings that goes far beyond their direct benefits. Addressing any reservations and giving them all the information they need to draw their own powerful conclusion that what you have is what they need. All this is done through video and short copy.
  • Encouragement: Order Page Copy – Recapping all the benefits of your offer to ensure that they complete their transaction for the highest good.
  • Gratitude: Thank You Page Copy – Making your new customers feel welcome, received, and in the right place and explaining exactly how they will receive everything promised in your offer.

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