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LIVE Stream Sequence

In your Sales Funnel, you need to have a pathway available for those people who liked your product or service, opted in for your offer, but didn’t buy. The downsell sequence represents your acknowledgement that your offer did not suit your ideal client at that particular time (for whatever reason) and is your comeback initiative to keep them engaged with you at a different level.

This is a good sales strategy, but it not easy to do without a downsell sequence that hits right at your customer’s heart.

At enfusionize™, we can strategize with you about the most appropriate downsell offer, and then we will craft a Relationship Pathway for the downsell sequence of your Sales Funnel by providing 2 masterfully crafted, client-converting emails in the voice and style your ideal clients love, using proven conversion tactics to guide email format, link style, and other elements that will mesh fluidly with site content and other marketing materials for a cohesive, consistent presence.

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