Magazine Ad

Magazines, whether hard copy or online, reach millions of people. As such, they are an important customer touch point and deserve careful and professional crafting.

Ads placed in print or online usually vary by size, and enfusionize™ designers can create anything that fits your marketing plan and budget and is congruent with your Brand.

The purpose of magazine advertising is product and service promotion and conversion. You want people to call, email, or check out your website as a result of reading your ad. We will craft your content and design based on our Conversion Intelligence™ formulas that prescribe what types of content go where to support positive reactions by readers.

Conversion Intelligence™, manifested by the increased business activity that results from effective magazine ads, is what we apply to make your magazine ad a productive brand asset and important customer touch point.

Your magazine ad will be compatible with InDesign and will be completed on an accelerated schedule based on your submission deadline.

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