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Newsletter Setup

Your enfusionize™ Team will produce a Generic Newsletter Format that you can use on a regular basis. The basis of Conversion Intelligence™ is to be smart about using your web presence. This will convert visitors into customers and convert inquiries into sales. The initial setup usually takes three to four hours. During this time, your team will:

  • Create an email newsletter template. This template can be used every month to expedite your newsletter, making it easier to reach out to your ideal clients.
  • Provide a template for client testimonials. Getting amazing client testimonials is crucial in developing your online presence and building your reputation. Through these statements from satisfied customers, potential clients will get to know you and become familiar with your services. An alternative here would be to get you set up in Testimonial Director, which will provide the same services.
  • Write short newsletter bio. Your bio gives significant information that is crucial to forming an air of familiarity with your ideal client. Social Media, such as you find on the Internet, is based on the fact that people want to feel socially connected to their contacts, and a good bio accomplishes this.
  • Provide FTC disclosure. This disclosure is a safeguard that will help to keep everything on the up-and-up, not only for your own protection but to build credibility with your customers.

The next phase of this package is to build a Full-Scale Email Newsletter. This will take approximately six to eight hours for each newsletter but will offer something to keep your customers tuning in. The purpose is to offer something to your established customers and to draw in new customers as well. Some of the services in this package include:

  • Writing a personal note or intro, including upcoming events and offerings. This will be based on a 30-minute interview and reflection.
  • A short piece on upcoming offerings.
  • Writing a main article based on existing material from info products or past calls that support upcoming offerings.
  • Editing client testimonial(s) (based on template).
  • Updating your bio if necessary.
  • Formatting and proofreading your entire newsletter.

You may select the Scaled-Down Email Newsletter option. This will require about four to five hours per newsletter, and the services include:

  • Client-provided personal note and intro, along with information on upcoming events and offerings.
  • Editing client testimonial (based on template).
  • A main article based on existing material from info products or past calls that support upcoming offerings.
  • A write-up of client recommendations (affiliate partner promotions).
  • Updating your bio if necessary.
  • Formatting and proofing entire newsletter.

The result of your initial setup and the monthly copywriting and formatting is that you will regularly contact your established customers with informative content that reminds them of why they like your company. This newsletter will also be offered to potential clients, in many cases, as a reward for signing up. Using your new brand asset in this way opens up the opportunity to increase your contact list and build your client base. A professionally done newsletter, both in hard copy and online, is a great way to give back to your clients. The basis of Conversion Intelligence™ is to be smart about using your web presence, and this is one surefire way to provide value-added service, engage your customers, and convert inquiries into sales.

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