Enfusionize™/CONVERSION INTELLIGENCE™/Sales Funnel – Basic Creation

Sales Funnel – Basic Creation

Having a website isn’t enough to run a successful business. The “if you build it they will come” philosophy doesn’t work in the crowded, busy, buzzing world of online marketing. The complement to a website is a Sales Funnel.

Your enfusionize team will focus on your Sales Funnel and build a Relationship Pathway. Your Relationship Pathway is expressed in this Marketing/Sales Funnel. The combination of these efforts will get you outreaching to your ideal clients and potential customers. From there, Conversion Intelligence™ draws them into conversation and engagement, and they become enthusiastic customers or clients.

The Sales Funnel gets created with your input. Messages, copy, opt-ins, Calls-To-Action will all be designed into the funnel’s Landing Page. The build out has begun. If you’ve never had a Sales Funnel before, the funnel functions as a lead capture mechanism to drive sales. As such, the Landing Page will be connected to your shopping cart so that prospects can purchase. The Thank You Page shows up for them once they’ve become customers, and your next move is to turn these customers into raving fans.

Building out a Sales Funnel requires several key steps. They are to:

  • Create your perfect customer avatar so that you attract ideal clients with grace and ease.
  • Fully integrate your shopping cart for ease of communicating between systems.
  • Design a Marketing Funnel with 100% opt-in rate for your ideal clients.
  • Implement systems that facilitate push-button ease once implemented.
  • Consult and implement your free offer.
  • Cocreate your Relationship Pathway, attracting and converting your ideal client and funneling them into your higher-level offers.

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