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Sales Page Copy – Long

At enfusionize™, we use Conversion Intelligence™ to encourage and induce sales and the Long Form Sales Page is one of the most critical vehicles for launching your business to a higher plateau—when it is integrated into a phenomenal Sales Funnel.

The Sales Funnel will produce increased traffic and improve sales as a result of carefully crafted tactics and techniques implemented by your enfusionize™ Team, including:

  • Avatar Assessment: At the Initial Intake Review, your team will assess your current avatar and make recommendations accordingly. The ideal client avatar will be developed and refined so that your Sales Copywriting reaches peak effectiveness.
  • 1.5-Hour Sales Funnel Consultation: During your 1.5-Hour Sales Funnel Consultation, you will come to thoroughly understand the details that constitute your ideal client. You’ll also have a firm map of offerings you will make to these ideal clients.
  • Landing Page Copy: Your Landing Page Copy will get your ideal clients so interested that they simply must click and opt in to your email list. Increased contacts equal increased business.
  • Up to 10 Pages of Sales Page Copy: Your Sales Page Copy will explain, clarify, qualify, engage, and connect with your ideal clients and show the true value of your offerings.
  • Order Page Copy: With the Order Page Copy, your clients will receive compelling descriptions of all the benefits of your product or service that settles them into completing the transaction.
  • Thank You Page Copy: The Thank You Page Copy will make your customers feel welcome and appreciated. They will feel like they made the right choice, will feel appreciated, and be ready to become a brand fan and a perpetual customer.

With the Long Form Sales Page for Sales Funnel Copywriting, you establish a firm foundation for drawing customers into the Sales Funnel, boosting your client list, and capturing leads that—with Conversion Intelligence™ applied—become paying customers.

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