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Script/ScreenFlow Production

Videos have proven to be very powerful and impactful ways to connect with your ideal clients because who you are and why you do what you do can be conveyed directly and authentically to your audience.

Videos are one of the ways we apply Conversion Intelligence™ to increase your business success. Your enfusionize™ team will bring your website to life with short, powerful videos scripted to maximize visitor opt-in. We will professionally produce your video to enhance your message and work with you in any way needed to get a professional looking and sounding clip on your website.

Your Video Scripting and ScreenFlow will contain:

  • Creative, high-quality graphics to entertain, educate, and inspire your visitors to action.
  • Each video will be between 30 seconds to one minute in length–the same length as television commercials.
  • We provide you with a video ready for voice-over.
  • We sync your recorded audio with the video.
  • We upload video to the service of your choice and embed it on your website for you.

Producing influential videos can monetize your website in record time. By purchasing the Video Scripting and ScreenFlow Video Production Package, you insure that your website has the elements to build your contact list, engage your audience, and convert visitors to customers.

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