Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

Executive Summary for Potential Investors:

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Management Team- Who are the members of your management team and how will their experience aid in your success?


Inriel, Salvador Romero {CEO Founder}: Scaling the company & developing strategic positioning in the marketplace

Corey Whitaker {Finance Manager}:  Ensures all the company finances are healthy and provides clear guidance

Paula Thomas {Chief Copywriter}:  High level strategy and conversion copywriting

Dewi Maile Lim {Chief Brand/Engagement Specialist}:  High level strategy and Brand authority

Conrad Julia {Chief Web}:  Manages a crew of 10 developers  (449 with spaces)


Customer Constraint- What customer constraint does your product and/or service solve?


Our clients come to us with enthusiasm tempered by chagrin, confusion & frustration because they are overwhelmed, underserved, and not sure exactly why they are not generating sales/profits. We find they are missing a grounded, systematic and cohesive approach to framing their online business, and we fill that gap. We assess overall business goals & strategy and develop systems and assets to support business expansion, then we launch them.

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Products & Services- Describe your product and/or service and detail the key customer benefits.


High Level Consulting/Coaching | Information Products | Software Dev. |150 Web Services


Key benefits are identification of infrastructure, branding, copy, plug-in, & marketing limitations that constrain sales & revenue.  We key in on strategic opportunities to integrate systems, build up assets, design, implement strategies and market. Clients benefit from our cohesive approach and get desired results faster, easier, better-than-expected. (443 with spaces)

Target Market- Detail the geographic, demographic and psychographic characteristics that define your target market.

Our preferred ideal clients:

In their 30’s-60’s

2+ yrs in business

Have clear working knowledge of online marketing

Have revenue min. $500k (ideally $1-10 million)

Understand & invest responsibly in marketing

Are conscious entrepreneurs, visionary speakers, coaches, authors, developers . . .

Are typically U.S.-based; sometimes global

Have a tested & proven product/service

Honor collaboration & working with a team (419 with spaces)


Customers- Outline who your customers are and why you are targeting them.

We target conscious business entrepreneurs who have a message, mission & seek a MUCH bigger audience. They seek to expand, often wanting very specific strategic guidance & innovative solutions to some core constraint(s). We can support exponential impact for their great work via automated marketing tools & strategies. Overall we consult, plan/strategize, execute, test/measure and implement always remaining aligned with their core objective. (444 with spaces)



Sales & Marketing Strategy- What is your customer acquisition and retention strategy? Detail how you will promote, sell and create customer loyalty for your market offering.


We acquire ideal clients through referrals, FB ads, word of mouth, JV’s & SEO. We are consistently building a reputation by leveraging client connections. We overdeliver & provide high-quality technology/marketing tools/services to support loyalty & become our clients’ go-to source for marketing, automation & innovation. By curating & evolving best practices, we provide tailored strategies & serve as a high-touch marketing firm for our clients.    (448 with spaces)


Business Model- What strategy will you employ to build, deliver and retain company value.

We’re developing intellectual capital around the “Intelligent Web” through info products & software, our training-webinars-courses & investment in our team & technology that keeps us atop the innovation curve & impacts strategies, products, & solutions. Our services are framed within retainer models, coaching/consulting packages, product launches & continuity programs. Upcoming plans: Live events, destination launches, software dashboards, apps.  (449 with spaces)


Competitors- Describe the competitive landscape and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


The market is rife with web implementation firms. HOWEVER, there are few conscious business, full-service boutique firms that focus on web services, branding, social media, conversion, multi-media, info product creation, product launches & software development and integrate holistically. Competitors specialize in fewer services, typically lack in design, cannot automate; have strengths in conversion, coding, social media & other web services.   (448 with spaces)


Competitive Advantage- What is your company’s competitive advantage (e.g. processes, patents, first mover advantage, expertise or proprietary technology)?


The Intelligent Web. It is our signature brand asset–a full-spectrum success system (10 robust areas) for building & leveraging content & platforms. It consists of high level coaching/consulting with attendant services ranging from sophisticated tech to original design & will soon become an info product & software platform. Our one-stop-shop collaborative team of highly-trained experts uniquely can transform any project into a movement for change. (445 with spaces)



Elevator Pitch:


Full-service internet marketing, business consulting, software dev, coaching & design firm for visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and conscious businesses. (160 with spaces)


Company Overview Add an overview to help investors evaluate your startup. You might like to include your business model, structure and products/services.


We are a full-service, boutique coaching, consulting & high-level online marketing implementation firm serving conscious business entrepreneurs, visionaries & thought leaders. We run highly specialized online product launches & website/funnel build-outs around our Intelligent Web model. Through competitive project pricing, retainers & coaching packages we enable business expansion & growth from ‘just a product’ to a global movement for change.

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Check out the developing intellectual capital around the “Intelligent Web” through our clients products & software, training-webinars-courses through the investment in our team & technology that keeps us atop the innovation curve & impacts their strategies, products, & solutions.

We stay on of the technology curve as we develop strategies, products and solutions for our beloved clients.  Check out our intellectual capital and innovations below.