Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

We love to share our unique perspective on online marketing. How we see and think about online marketing gives us the perfect opportunity to educate our clients about our Intelligent Web™ perspective. These sessions can focus generally on the Intelligent Web™ or be specific to individual forms of intelligence and will be tailored to what you are seeking to know. Our staff provides personalized training for you and your staff so that you can fully understand and recognize the features and aspects of a website that would assuredly belong in the category of an Intelligent Website™. Before your training begins, we will give you our website IQ test to first determine your overall understanding; then we tailor our education classes to bolster, clarify, explain, illustrate, and review so you have solidly embedded new understandings about the holistic purpose of your website. We want you to be capable of monitoring your website’s traffic and conversion capability and be able to highlight the pillars of excellence in your business with REAL time usable intel. In this way, you can continuously adjust and extend your web presence and get the right supportive services you need to increase every aspect: traffic, lead generation, conversion, sales, and your long-term client base. We understand that Website Intelligence™ is multifaceted, hence the need to sharpen your Website IQ™ through extensive classes. You and your team need to be on your game.

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