Track 1: Your Optimized Relationship
Funnel in Action!
1Ideal Audience Attractor
2Ideal Audience Engager
3Initial Core Offering
4Core Offering
5Up-Leveled Offer
6The Return Path
7Referral Attractor

FFind Out
OOpt In
RReceive Value
MMain Offer
UUp-leveled Offers
LLoop Arounds
AAttract Audience
M.A.P.P.™ out your “How To”: Follow a proven marketing blueprint that will activate, amplify, and accelerate activity everywhere you show up online.
What is FORMULA7™ ?
FORMULA7™ is a proven seven-step holistic process for developing a high-converting, high-revenue generating sales funnels that step beyond the “me too” funnels you see out there and into the realm of the extraordinary. We created it specifically for conscious business entrepreneurs who prefer a no-hype, no-nonsense approach to digital marketing and who are not completely comfortable with the sales and marketing process, build out of all the tech and the myriad integrations that naturally come from this level of sophistication. It’s also your entry into the high-tech, high-touch realm of online marketing funnel segmentation.

FORMULA7™ redesigns the entire process of building relationships with your audience by re-labeling, defining, explaining, and integrating a tightly woven sales & marketing process from your first potential lead to a highly loyal customer or client. Customer relations is more and more complex these days, and and we’ve M.A.P.P.‘d™ the whole process out for you. You’ll see how easy it is to engage, interact, and ascend your audience through the step-by-step relationship building process. It is that powerful!

Once you pivot toward™ (The Marketing Automation Planning Process), you begin to ensure your long-term scalability and success.

Nothing about FORMULA7™ is difficult to understand. In fact, it’s relatively easy and straightforward; however, it does take knowing the right things to say and do in the right sequence in order to have a successful system. That’s why it’s a formula.

What is the CORE essence of successful online marketing for entrepreneurs? Engagement.
To be successful, engage your audience fully and reach them where they are in their internal zones, so to speak (the hemispheres of their minds), you offer compelling, entertaining, relevant content that drives your audience because they trust you, they like you, and desire more from you.

It’s almost that simple; however, it’s not easy to implement if you’re a singular business or sales unit with a small team not actively engaged with the entirety of the online marketing or technological shifts that happen daily.

Our sole aim is for you to engage your success with this revolutionary™ technique and achieve what most do not even consider is possible in your marketplace, the inneffable!