Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

The mission of every coach is to instruct and inspire, and Inriel does just that. A master of Strategic Intelligence™, Inriel will work with you in your High-Impact Coaching Sessions to implement higher-level strategies that will significantly improve your bottom line.

Of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Strategic Intelligence™ lays the structural foundation that lets you:

See more clearly your inner assets.
Unlock the as-yet-unseen opportunities.
Clarify your positioning.
Identify your clear zone of genius.
Ascribe the models that will point you toward your best potential.

With this package, you will receive four 75-minute Coaching Sessions with Inriel. His focus will be on conversion at a higher level with unique implementation strategies for your particular business. His goal will be to ensure that your next campaign is fully optimized, whether that is to get it onstage for deployment or move it out into the market. This series of four sessions allows time for further system development and adaptation and exploring ways to innovate/optimize with this Infusionsoft-certified master Internet marketer.

Inriel will see to it that no stone goes unturned in regards to the vast marketing opportunities available for your products and services. Significant adjustments can exponentially improve results with the Marketing Funnel, improving profits and maximizing ROI. And Inriel uses his insightfulness and zone of genius visioning skills to help you see just how far you can go, and how enfusionize™ can get you there.

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