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Information Framing Service

When you are aggregating information for your business, product, or your new launch, you are amassing all the content and at the same time deciding, or having to decide, what is most important and relevant.

Prioritizing content creation and curating content are best done AFTER your marketing strategy and outcomes are determined. At enfusionize™, we assist you to develop the behind-the-scenes strategy so you can organize and present your content and products. Using processes like wireframing and tools like Gliffy, Balsamiq, and our proprietary Web Intelligence™ formulas, checklists, and understandings, your enfusionize™ Team will support the creation of the information building blocks that are necessary for showcasing your business in a way that makes an impact.

Many times, the hardest aspect of building an online presence is determining what is most important. And decisions around priorities can only be made after your branding, your offering, your audience, and your marketing strategy is in place.

Our Information Framing Service enables you to build your understanding of how the elements in your business work synergistically so that your resulting business presence packs a message and a motivation. We’ll show you the relevant connection points between different content elements as a way to reframe/recast what you have so you see all the ways it connects.
It’s almost like getting a 3-D view of your information.

Let us assist you with information framing so that you can smoothly develop and evolve your business. For more information, Click Here.

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