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Information Management Service

Information overload comes with having an online business by the very nature of the contacts and connections that are required to be successful. Most good consultants and coaches talk about having systems in place in order to manage your information, and they are absolutely right about that. However, most of them also don’t have the wherewithal to build systems for you.
enfusionize™ collective expertise can assess your online business network and assist you with determining what structures and architectures you may yet require as well as what formats to employ that will provide you with the best access to the things you have to retrieve easily. Database, site architecture, and systems for organizing information are what we provide with our Information Management Service—so you can quell the angst from information overload.
Since most people like to “see” and understand what they have, enfusionize™ also provides integration mapping so you can see the similarities and distinctions between the types of information you have. You will also understand where and how your data connects and how information flows through your systems.

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