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Information Product Creation

Take advantage of the creative, technical, intelligent, imaginative team at enfusionize™ to create original and in-your-niche info products that will have your audience dropping their jaws and thinking, “Awesome!”

Product creation is a question of architecting great information into the structure and format of just the right medium. Need an eBook? A video series? An online course? We can design and produce anything for you with a cocreation process that is iterative, efficient, and fun. We know how to merge great content with fabulous design to make cool information products that are easy to retrieve, access, navigate, and enjoy.

We will research, discuss, suggest, and execute the strategies that will turn your intellectual property into active revenue streams for your business. At the end of the day, information products are part of your business’s income generating strategy, and we’ll see to it that our cocreative process gets you the results you are looking for—as defined by your time and budget constraints.

Here at enfusionize™, we mean business with your business. Since research is the first step in product creation, we want to cover every base possible. Why are we selling this? Who else has something similar? What do you want to gain from this? How does this fit into the larger information product and brand strategy that you have developed? If you haven’t developed one, we’ll help you get one.

An important aspect to product creation is that you are selling something that people actually need. What problem is it solving? What pain will be alleviated as this product or service becomes available? A thorough understanding of your product/service and how it needs to be adjusted for maximum impact and profit is part of the Information Product Creation process. It is vital that we know before product launch the value-added aspects of your product. Knowing that, we will coach you so that we come up with the perfect product.

Make a clear choice with your information product. Come to the enfusionize™ round table and we’ll work through your ideas to create your winning product with a winning strategy. Together we can grab the opportunity to feed the hunger of the consuming public that craves great information and sell them your information product. This is one of the ultimate cocreative processes, and that’s why we say, “Let’s Be Amazing Together!™”

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