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The Intelligent Web™ and the BRAIN



2014-12-10_2244 The relationship between the Intelligent Web™ online marketing services enfusionize™ provides, the human brain, and how it all connectively functions.  

How you benefit from our collective intelligence.  

The brain, the compressed 3 pounds or so of matter that is kept in the dark inside our skulls, is a very, very busy place. Always. Most of what happens in our brains is active, that is unconscious; we are not aware of it. What we are conscious of is the sensory input, the judgements and decisions we make (frontal lobe), our feelings, the alertness we seem to have when people, pets, circumstances, our environment (parietal lobe), etc., command our “attention.”

 The brain has a brain stem which includes the thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, and a few other glands and centers located here. These are the lower level centers for sensory input (thalamus), memories, emotions, reflexes.  Surrounding the stem is matter that is formed into different lobes as well as the sub-brain (or little brain) called the cerebellum involved in motor function and balance.

 These lobes—frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital—all have their major jobs as well; however, there is so much interconnectedness between them that it is not at all correct to say that this area does just this and that area does just that. In fact, the layman’s term that represents the interconnectedness of neurological activity in the brain and the feeding-back nature of this interconnectedness is called loopiness. (So if anyone ever tells you that you are loopy, you can say, “Thank goodness!”) 🙂

 The way much of the information we take in gets to the brain is through the eyes. There is more neurological activity related to visual input than for auditory input (except perhaps in cases of blindness). That is not to say that we see everything that is in front of us; it’s just that visual input is the most powerful way that external information gets to the brain.

 Knowing the importance of visual input and the importance of assisting people to process information through clear, well-placed, harmonious, organized, and really easy-to-navigate formats is where the enfusionize™ Team comes in.

 On a website, Marketing Funnel, or other Intelligent Web™ asset built by enfusionize™, a user is not going to have trouble finding information or absorbing its greater context. A user is not going to have to guess at what to do. A user is not going to get lost in the site because three clicks in she can’t return to the inner page menu, or she wants to add to a purchase and can’t navigate to the Product Page. These are simple, common examples of website issues.

 Drilling down a little more deeply, an enfusionize™ Intelligent Web™ Asset is going to reflect the artistry, the dynamics, the vibe, the expertise, the BRAND of the client all through the site or deliverable and all through the user experience. This kind of consistency and FLOW is reflective of the design and architecture behind the site.



2014-12-10_2245The way the brain works is critical to understanding how we process information. The brain looks for consistency; the brain gets used to models; the brain likes to categorize. The first page of your site will be the orientation page—your eyes are going to take in the language, the structure, the setup of the site—and then your brain is going to have some idea of that model. The structure right there on the homepage is setting up an expectation for what the rest of the pages will look and feel like, and this is where enfusionize™ delivers the seamless experience that the brain is actually expecting. The design of the home and inner pages, from branding to opting in, will be so cohesive that you don’t have to work hard at all to find what you need, to understand what you are getting, to know where to go in order to DO something on the site.

Video embeds, Calls-To-Action, opt-ins, descriptions, audio files, whatever information you have to share, will all be consistently represented (in terms of messaging and graphic style) and architected in a way that will draw attention to the right places for the right reasons. One area will logically and directly feed you into another area (the loopiness factor!), and the noticeable aesthetic and cosmetic aspects (the look and feel) of the site will tell your subconscious all kinds of things about the Brand that you might not even be aware of.

To ignore the subconscious brain in design and implementation processes is to ignore the fundamental factors that influence people to act one way or another. So, while being clear and concise and harmonious is important, your web presence also must subliminally appeal; it must instinctively invite trust and acceptance, impart a sense of value, and make you sound not only credible but truly must state the authoritative in an easy, approachable way.

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