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enfusionize™ offers integrated solutions to digital marketing platforms that can change the way your brand is perceived, streamline your UX, and integrate your business systems.

You won’t have to concern yourself with so many decisions because we’ll assist you with planning, building, developing, executing and, most importantly, automating core functions. That lets you focus on growing your business and fast-tracking your success as a thriving entrepreneur.

Through our model of Discovery, Optimization, and Consistency (D.O.C.) we uncover core opportunities and create a plan to drive traffic (your ideal audience),™ out every behavior and variable. As we provide continuous value in this way, you can generate what you know you are worth and foster long-term relationships with clientele who will become your greatest advocates.

Align with us today! M.A.P.P.™ your strategic objectives, set the trajectories, and hit the Fast Track!

Aloha and welcome. Founded in 2011, enfusionize™ is a full-service, boutique coaching, high-level consulting and implementation firm that specializes in serving conscious business entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders to support their great work. Each of our team members brings a unique brilliance to our collective culture of excellence. We align with your company’s vision and assist you with creating outstanding, measurable results.

Our online business system we call the 13 Forms of Web Intelligence™ will assist you to understand exactly what to do, step-by-step, to create a successful launch of your products or service offering.

Since its founding, enfusionize™ has generated well over 10 million dollars in sales between our internal business operations and our private client work. Product/business launches, e-Commerce builds, and our packages of services enable you to get traffic and optimize conversions, one relationship at a time.

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I. Discovery: Information Gathering and Research

Content Marketing Objective – Which marketing objectives are we aiming to hit with this campaign? (leads, sessions, sign-ups, etc.)
Key Results – What is the goal? (for example 500 leads) And how will it be measured?

Unique Selling Proposition {USP} – What is your zone of genius and the unique value you provide?

Research Development – How to utilize specific forms of research to inform the campaign; apply tools for content searching work in the overall strategy; accountability/responsibility.

Audience and Customers Analysis – Target Audience- Is there a particular vertical we’re targeting? Experience level? What stage of the customer lifecycle are we focusing on? Where do these people normally look for advice on this topic?

II. Optimization: Framing Research Results into Deliverables

SEO/Organic Search – What & How We Measure:

Keyword Performance and Rankings– Measures how well your website and web pages rank in search engines for your desired keywords and search terms.

        ● We conduct keyword research using a (keyword tool) to identify the best keywords to use in website optimization.
        ● We compile a list of search phrases that visitors are using to find your site and chart total visits and % of overall organic traffic that each phrase represents

Total Traffic from Organic Search – This strategy involves high-quality content that incorporates specific keywords to help attract a percentage of total traffic.

        ● Target new keywords to increase your percentage of traffic, (create new content using videos, podcasts, ebooks, blog posts that can be indexed by the search engines.

Branded vs. Non-Branded Search – Measures the percentage of organic search traffic that comes to your site from brand-related keywords — such as your company or product name — versus generic, non-branded keywords related to your industry.

          ● Brand-related search traffic — generate more content and use more keywords related to generic industry terms.
          ● Non-brand search traffic — reach out to visitors that might not know you exist to grow your business.

      Unique Search Terms Driving Traffic – A look at the complete list of search phrases that visitors are using to find your site including the total number of visits and percentage of overall organic traffic that each phrase represents. Consider the top phrases that drive a significant percentage of the search visits. If these are phrases you’re specifically targeting through the SEO efforts, then you’re doing a good job creating content that gets found and attracts clicks.

      Inbound links – The number of links back to your site from other sites on the web. The goal is to gradually increase the number of inbound links from high-quality sites, which indicates that your content is not only readily findable online, but it is deemed valuable enough for other sites to share with their audience.

      Conversion Rates from Organic Search – Measuring the percentage of visitors who arrive at your site through organic search and complete an action, such as becoming a lead or purchasing a product. You want to know your overall conversion rate by specific keyword or search phrases, unique landing pages and referring URLs. Tracking those metrics will help you fine-tune your SEO strategy.

      Outbound Marketing Strategies and Tools

      Email Marketing– Email Marketing is messaging a tribe of people to promote products and services using email. The idea is to develop a cult-like following in a market and position a “character” — i.e. someone or something from your company — as a desired personality so you can successfully sell products or services. Once you establish the know, like, and trust factors with your positioning, you set goals around getting clicks on a link, hits on your webpage/landing page and finally, clicks on your “order now” button.

      Social Media Marketing – Social media gives you a way to get directly in front of your customers, prospects, and employees. Facebook advertising, Twitter, and Instagram are effective platforms for getting your message out there and we’ll architect your outbound messages on these platforms. Social media is the key driver of content distribution and brand visibility online.

      The Art of Social Listening – An important part of leveraging social media for business is to understand what industry-related conversations are happening online and recognizing when you should respond.

      Content Marketing – By creating valuable, high-quality content that’s targeted at specific, well-defined audiences, you’ll do more than attract visitors to your website: You’ll attract the right visitors, who are likely to convert into leads (and customers).

      [Note: Creating and distributing unique content is the best way to earn valuable inbound links that can boost your search rankings and help improve your website’s discoverability.]

      Types of Content:

      Blog, eBook, Podcast, Reports, Videos, Webinars, Slideshows, FB ads.

III. Consistency: Continuous Alignment

Consistency, when it comes to marketing, is about being reliable, trustworthy, recognizable and dependable. You cultivate loyalty when you are consistent with your product, service, its delivery, and the user experience. Your customers will then develop confidence in your brand.

Consistency is also the art of repeating what works. Repetition, repetition, repetition is often the cry of marketers . . . AND it’s good advice only when it yields positive, measurable results related to your bottom line.

Deploy a viable, reliable marketing campaign/ revenue generating business model that will consistently yield the results that have been projected. Based on data and REAL time results we can consistently move toward the desired outcomes and know we will be in line with our CORE values, desires and what is realistically attainable based on everything we have been doing to both see clearly and architect the exact plan to get there!

Our Proprietary Process: 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™

This is for hard-working entrepreneurs who have a successful business and require strategic marketing assistance to reach out to new audiences, increase conversions, increase lead generation, and develop a more sophisticated relationship pathway with and for their ideal clients — and who want a high-level team with whom to collaborate.

The Result

You will have a concise, clear and straightforward implementation guide to assist you to engage the necessary elements to drive successful decision-making and implementation/deployment.
This process will also ensure that you make prudent decisions based on metrics so you can implement a winning approach based on the parameters we will recommend.
It only takes a second to make a good decision and only a few clicks to make a great choice! This is your opportunity to generate what you know you’re worth and let’s face it, right now we’re just talking about a phone call. So, start your SHIFT now by taking definitive action.

See you on the other side, and I am looking forward to connecting with you on our 1-1 interactive™ session.

Cyber Sensei, Inriel
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