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Here’s a selection of some of the projects we’ve custom crafted over the last few years. If you’d like to see more, just shout


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Iana Lahi

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Case Study Coming Soon
CEC product

Conquering Email Chaos

The client was doing a small internal launch -- requiring a sales funnel -- to build her list, as she had never done online marketing before. “Conquering Email Chaos” was a program about how to clean up, organize, and manage your email.

The Foundation

This was a referral for a quick turnaround job to get a website designed and developed in 24 hours, including some technology issues that involved migrating a site from an old platform to a new one.

WealthNet Partners

The client had a web development consulting business and required a lot of strategy and implementation around online marketing for his partners, and then strategy and logo for WealthNet Partners itself.
marc gafni

Marc Gafni.com

The client had an old-school author website and wanted to develop a sophisticated branded site that would showcase his expertise and present him in a new light publicly.

Alexis Parenting Program

The client already had copy, she had the structure, and a logo but required a website.

Kurt Gehlbach

The client is a Realtor who desired a simple website that involved creating a logo and fairly simple page layout including expected features like MLS listings.
unique self

Awakening Your Unique Self

We were given a short lead in for this project. The client had never launched a product before and this course was a lead-in to an engaging course that explained a newly-published book. This as huge campaign that involved a lot of partners, much copy editing and management.

DIY Video Secrets

Dia is a video specialist who had worked for other companies and wanted to launch on her own. She was working with coaches and networking groups to develop her entrepreneurial chops and had little experience with online marketing. When she came to enfusionize™, she was looking for assistance with launching an eBook
21century ebooks

Divine Elohim

This was one of our first projects. The client was launching a new business and had no Brand or online presence. The challenge was to create the 21st Century Survival Guide that he wanted to put forth and sell. We needed to translate his decipher guide and put it into a framework that people could access.
island superfoods ebook

Island Super Foods

Island Super Foods was a start-up company that was developing product when they came to enfusionize™. They had no brand, no logo, little messaging.


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