Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

We love to support our clients by streamlining, automating, and scaling businesses, and that takes many types of services and processes, from design and copywriting to bridging software platforms.

To find which solutions are most aligned with your marketing and sales goals and your target audience, we start with what you have right now, laser-focus your intention, and build out your M.A.P.P.™

For a little backstory, we came upon this process after arduous trial and error over many, many, many months. What we found in a nutshell is that it’s important to understand and selectively deploy the right tools. Then, take the time to design a completely interconnected, gamified UX along with the smooth pathway to purchase in way that’s scalable. This is ginormous!

Here at enfusionize™ we’ve mastered the art of creating the holistic systems–end-to-end automations–we’re talking about with our impeccable fusion of automation marketing solutions!

They range from whole programs in which you can design and create a high ticket offer to individual
services like:

  • banner design for your social media campaigns or
  • integrating your mailing platform with a funnel and video platform.

If you are tired of spending time agonizing over what to do next, we’re offering a really cool Masterclass aimed at letting you see how this works for yourself. Through our™ process we assist you to laser-focus your intention. No more “What do I do next?” uncertainty.

In this value-packed Masterclass, we walk you through what we do and, more importantly, how we think.
Since you are a complete formulation of every thought you focus upon, if you focus on outcomes you
attain outcomes!

Our perspective-shifting, revolutionary Marketing Automation Process & Plan (M.A.P.P.™) method assists you to focus on exactly what matters most in your business and when to take what action!

After we demonstrate our process, you will come away with our foundational blueprint that you can utilize to analyze, plan, and build a top-of-the-line sales, marketing, and business system for yourself. Or, you can talk to us about the specific solutions you’re seeking. Everything can be M.A.P.P.’d™ out!

AND with our FREE, revolutionary M.A.P.P.™ blueprint in hand that you’ll customize to your business (we begin to architect from there), you’ll be empowered. You’ll have the data in hand that tells you what you’re missing . . . so you can deftly manage your next steps and stop any scrambling.YES!

The best thing about how we do what we do is that we meet you right where you are. Right where you are is your launch pad; and from there we show you what to do to build a system that’s in line with your revenue goals. While this is not rocket science, it usually gets complex.

Our Masterclass is for those of you who are absolutely ready to dramatically shift your business to the Fast Track.

You may find yourself drawn to any one of our major program offerings to perfect, amplify, or scale
anywhere you wish to show up online:

  1. FORMULA7™: Strategic funnel creation program
  2. Transformational Profits™: High ticket offer creation program
  3. Audience Initiator {DDS}: Deep Dive Survey of target audience
  4. Manifesting Generator {4DCM}: Email campaign revenue-generator
  5. Blockbuster Launch™: Full-scale product launch engagement
  6. DVISION1™: 150+ a la carte in house Services
  7. Intelligent Web University™: Monthly access to the ever-evolving wisdom of online marketing
  8. LIVE Stream video Engagement and membership portal creation
  9. YOGANIQUE™: Golden Roundtable Mastermind
  10. The Digital DOJO™ Strategic™ platform

To learn what it takes to next-level, automate, and scale your business
and learn more about our programs and offerings.

Beyond this, we introduce to you our unique collaborative mastermind approach. Our work with clients allows everyone’s area of expertise to shine; AND, in the spirit of learning by bringing new knowledge into active practice, we have designed the Digital Dojo™ as the virtual place where our learning happens and your own zone of genius comes to life.

Welcome! E komo mai!