Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

We live by the ethos, “If you don’t know about
something, learn about it.”

At enfusionize, we created the Intelligent Web University™ to support and develop our understanding of Internet marketing and to educate our clients as we continually expand our view of what a web presence is and can be.What better way to remind us that ongoing learning is a high priority and one of our salient values, and what better mechanism to develop to invite our clients and fellow Entrepreneurs to learn more about the enigmatic, ever-changing, intensely creative world of the Internet.

In the Intelligent Web University™ (our virtual learning environment), we have resources, tools, classes, and coaching programs. Our team of experts, whose interests range from spiritual psychology and neuroscience to strategic Internet marketing, tech applications and software development, curate the content.

At the center of the Intelligent Web University™ logo is the human brain, that 3 pound organ of white and gray matter that represents the human ability to process information and learn. The shield and wings in the shades of the rainbow represent the full spectrum of ideas and possibilities that can take us to new places of understanding and new places in business. Your business.

The Intelligent Web University™, as a concept, evolved as we continued to design and develop websites and Sales Funnels. It is the articulation of the key elements that MUST be present in a cohesive web presence, as well as the environmental factors that are required in order that all aspects of your business can develop and flourish.