Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™



  1. 1. Be Principled & Purpose-Driven (Define Yours)
  2. 2. Generate what YOU are WORTH (Authority Marketing)
  3. 3. Deploy: The Boomerang FORMULA™ (Webinars)
  4. 4. Optimize Precious Resources  (Time, Energy)
  5. 5. Commit to Yourself (Success in Action!)

The S.H.I.F.T. represents our symbolic movement and our journey toward Selling High-ticket offers that Ignites the Fast Track to our success!

At the heart of the Boomerang FORMULA™ is FORMULA7™

  1. Ideal Audience Attractor
  2. Ideal Audience Engager
  3. Initial Core Offering
  4. Core Offering
  5. Up-Leveled Offer
  6. The Return Path
  7. Referral Attractor

  1. Find Out
  2. Opt In
  3. Receive Value
  4. Main Offer
  5. Up-leveled Offers
  6. Loop Arounds
  7. Attract Audience

These (5-Perspective S.H.I.F.T.) are essential to pivot you toward
a $50,000 per month business.

So, Why the 5 Perspective SHIFTS model?  That’s easy. We’ve lived it!  We live it!  This process was born from the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur.  It’s like the entrepreneur’s journey, We do too much for not enough return, we trust the client’s word, clients want more than they want to pay for… I’m sure you’ve experienced some or all of this.  

For us, all the pitfalls of being in business have given me the opportunity to reflect, analyze, and discuss with my team and colleagues why things didn’t work. Reflection is an ongoing thing, and failures, which I define as not getting the outcomes I was looking for, are the best ways to learn.

So, from this profoundly transformational and ongoing reflective process, the 5 perspective-shifting strategies came to life.

Now that we have synchronized these 5 and constructed the foundation through The FIVE PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS™ process we immediately apply this to deploying The Boomerang FORMULA™ Click here to learn more


Essentially, it is connected to returning what you put out there.. And the best way to get results from your CORE offerings is webinar marketing.

Webinar marketing is the most powerful way to connect with your audience, establish your authority and generate massive returns on 100% autopilot (essentially like having an evergreen perpetual launch in play each and everyday). WHEN done correctly and with the right sequence of elements in place, hence the FORMULA, the Boomerangs velocity reaches your target market perfectly positioning you, and the Boomerang is by nature designed to return to you so naturally it is set up to bring your Ideal audience directly to you, ALL while delivering MASSIVE value at every touch point…

You can THRIVE with the Boomerang FORMULA™, click here to learn more!