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We will go though and itemize the block sets to implement on your behalf as we see opportunities arise in the implementation process and advise accordingly.

View what’s typically included in the Infusionsoft service menu here: and
We will customize this as we strategize with you & your team.
We propose doing the following in this first engagement in 2 segments: Strategic consulting/coaching and implementation.

The first segment includes:
Infusionsoft private coaching/consulting strategy sessions
One-on-one private coaching/consulting with Infusionsoft expert(s) from team enfusionize™. In this package we will assist you to develop a game plan that guides your business to success utilizing and optimizing InfusionSoft to support your short and long term business goals each and every step of the way, freeing up and leveraging your time to invest on your most revenue generating tasks. (Virtual Automation)
This coaching/consulting process includes proven strategies to increase sales dramatically through automated marketing, split testing and analytics tracking. Along with the implementation package this will free up your time to develop more content and serve more clients/customers.
We will define/clarify objectives and ascertain specific strategies for Virtual Automation by asking questions to understand your goals and deliver clear guidance on next steps for the implementation process, sharing best practices of the many successful launches that have completely utilized the Infusionsoft platform.
We will also utilize this time to cover the essential components to successful business launching in Infusionsoft and how targeted campaigns can fill your quotas, exceed expectations and revolutionize your niche by rising as a true market leader in your industry.

The second segment includes:

Infusionsoft implementation and build-out sessions:
1. Optimize your campaign and launch sequences into a campaign in Infusionsoft that is segmented sequentially to fully harness the power of automation and work with the testing/reporting to optimize the lead/customer conversion cycle and the upsell potentials presently and/or to be introduced in your funnel.
2. Build your lead funnel and nurture sequence in Infusionsoft to match your current business practices and automate the flow of content and information to your list.
3. Begin sketching out the process for systematizing campaign management so you can outsource to your staff or, if you prefer, someone on our team..
4. Begin auditing and cleaning up the system in phases as is appropriate.
5. MAP out a long term viable plan and business model
6. Look for and implement innovative ways to auto segment and test emails in sequences
7. Possibly integrate API work where necessary/applicable

Note: We recommend building components of an affiliate management program and incorporating lead scoring alongside this process. This will assist you to recognize and manage opportunities in Infusionsoft to ensure you are maximizing all your potential sales. Once your front end offer is automated and optimized we’ll also migrate your other campaign sequences for push button simplicity.

Our intent and focus is to implement quickly based on the decisions you make that we agree will steadfastly move toward tasks completion and therefore closer to the goal line. We utilize a very efficient and streamlined productivity management tool that you can monitor. It provides clarity regarding our progress on your projects and provides a platform where you can see aspects of internal workflow and project management.

For this engagement with Infusionsoft implementation, we will provide 20 solid hours of actual implementation time, coaching/consulting in your business and overall strategic positioning for maximizing results within the Infusionsoft ecosystem for leveraging the power of automation marketing in your business.

The measurable outcome is for you to have a fully-functioning Infusionsoft application with running, conversion- driven campaigns and processes in place to manage and maintain while you are growing your business. You will be fully leveraging the power of the Infusionsoft platform.