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Blockbuster Launch


To pull off a Blockbuster Launch, every detail has to be taken care of. This package includes a full-scale, professional Product Launch in three phases. Each Launch Phase builds upon the one before and contributes to building your reputation, visibility, and ultimately the financial success of the launch. Includes research/strategy/ the big launch / launch follow-up.


To pull off a Blockbuster Launch, every detail has to be taken care of. This package includes a full-scale, professional Product Launch, each phase of which builds upon the one before and contributes to building your reputation, visibility, and ultimately the financial success of the launch. Just like a Hollywood film, your launch will have a lot of moving parts all of which are essential.

This outline lays it out for you with specific outcomes and deliverables of each Launch Phase.

Launch Phase 1: Research, Strategy & Testing

Outcome: To assure a successful launch, we only launch what is proven to sell, with a funnel that is proven to convert. In this initial phase, we create test funnels, do preliminary testing and gather data to determine the right product and the marketing that works for YOUR market. We test multiple funnels and offers, collect social proof for your launch, and establish metrics like EPC (earnings per click) that will entice your JV partners to play full out in the next Phase.


– Multiple split tested marketing sales funnels (this may generate profit)
– Branding Strategy Workshop around your initial sales funnel offerings
– Complete analysis of market research and activity from tested funnels
– Your launch story, based on an inciting event or novel concept that your market will respond to
– A complete psychographic analysis of the ideal client profile (refined client avatar)
– Fully developed and tested marketing plan designed for optimal conversion and ROI
– Initial case studies and testimonial to use in launch

Launch Phase 2: The Big Launch


At the end of Phase 2, you will have executed the bomb-proof strategy developed in Phase 1. You have now established authority and credibility in the marketplace, built your brand and increased visibility, grown a powerful list, and developed and strengthened relationship with key launch partners, JVs and affiliates–and you have recovered your initial launch investment.

All Email Campaigns/Social Media related to launch

– Affiliate action campaign
– Internal list
– External JV lists

Producing the Launch Videos
– The Opportunity
– The “How & WOW!”
– The Proof
– The Offer

Constructing your Offer
– Full scale offer constructed from all preliminary data gathering
– Acute detail given to every aspect of the launch itself from the blueprint to the final build
– Integrating multiple stress checks in the foundation of the offer itself to ensure longevity/integrity

Brand Integrity Management on all touch-points above throughout the launch
– Thorough brand asset management ensuring brand cohesion and integrity
– Regular team check-ins facilitating branding implementation
– Post-Testing Assessment of Sales Funnel Analytics in regards to Brand Identity
– Brand Refinement based on Assessment where necessary

– Partner (JV)
– Internal

Teleseminars (JV)
– Community building within the partner network
– Provide real time updates and contest incentives
– Answer ?’s and build rapport so they see you are on track and the launch is a go and in full swing

Live WebCast
– Training Day
– Ask the Experts

Shopping Cart Integration
– Set up of the Infusionsoft order processing (all functions to ensure order integrity)
– Merchant account(s)
– Upsells set up (if applicable to launch)

Infusionsoft Implementation of all campaigns and everything related to launch
– All follow up sequences
– Tags applied
– Actions to ensure proper list segmentation occurs at every touch point

Phase 3: Cashing In & Preparing For the Next Round


In this Phase, you will cash in on the launch itself with ripple effect from product sales and merchandise. You will be poised for next successful launch with a custom system created for you. You will have incredible social proof that can be used for future campaigns. And finally, it’s time to acknowledge Key JV Players and Celebrate Wins!

Develop Post-Launch Strategy and Implement it
– descending/discount funnels
– community building
– further monetize JV relationships
– post-launch event support and monetization
– Continued communications with partners to keep them on track for Post-Launch activity and Pre-Launch for next product/offering in cue.
– Collect Social Proof (Testimonials, Case Studies, Tweets)
– Go through aggregated data from entire launch and evaluate process with a clear intention of optimizing for the next launch
– Begin initial discussions on the launch process for the next vertical
– Ensure all partners are happy and that all payments are honored
– Continue optimizing the customer support systems to reduce/eliminate refunds

The Launch Process ‘Production Team’

What Team enfusionize™ is bringing to the table:
– Dedicated Launch manager and support team for day-to-day detail
– Dedicated software development team (Design & Build Launch Funnel(s) and maintain integrity through all tech channels during launch)
– Infusionsoft Implementation for Launch (Dedicated point person(s) for this)
– JV/Affiliate Manager
– Customer support Manager and system directly connected to Infusionsoft
– Any ancillary supportive software determined to be utilized/integrated into the launch campaign
– Video scripting/Editing
– Dedicated copywriter and support team (Launch funnel copy, all email sequences related to launch, all partner mails, SM responses, etc…)
– Webinar replay for clean up phase of launch (type of webinar funnel instituted depends upon level of launch package)
– Oversight of merchant account(s) set-up for launch
– Dedicated brand manager throughout launch campaign
– Depending on the scope of launch, we inject other departments from our core team to fill necessary and sometimes spontaneous positions that may arise in the launch as it develops
– Misc. items/roles and responsibilities that are bound to present themselves throughout the launch that our team may cover