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*Complete Infusionsoft Implementation


We will go though and itemize the block sets to implement on your behalf as we see opportunities arise in the implementation process and advise accordingly. We will customize this as we strategize with your team and pin point current constraints in the current set-up
We propose potentially doing any one or more of the following in this first engagement:
1. Moving over your next launch campaign into Infusionsoft
2. Build your lead funnel and nurture sequence in Infusionsoft to match your current business practices and automate the flow of content and information to your list.
3. Begin sketching out the process for systematizing campaign management so you can outsource to your staff or, if you prefer, someone on our team.
4. Begin auditing and cleaning up the system in phases.
5. Testing and optimizing your Infusionsoft account and give you an optimization report with a clear trajectory toward successfully deploying everything the platform offers.
6. Additional items we will uncover in the discovery phase once inside the application.
7. Explore 3rd party functionality to further streamline your operations.
Note: We recommend building components of an affiliate management program and incorporating lead scoring alongside this process. This will help you see and manage opportunities in Infusionsoft to ensure you are maximizing all your potential sales. Once your front end offer is automated and optimized we'll also migrate your other campaign sequences for push button simplicity.
Since this initial engagement covers 15 hrs we will detail the path with you in order to ensure you see viability from our working arrangement and that we accomplish the mandate stipulated together.
Dependent upon the scope of work for a particular deliverable being implemented there may be, in some instances, dedicated hours by the expert that are shared because of necessity to fulfill on that task and in this case we allocate the appropriate time allotment for this to be accomplished.
Our intent and focus is to implement expediently based on the decisions you make and we agree will steadfastly move you toward completing tasks and moving closer to the goal post. We utilize a very efficient and streamlined productivity management tool that you can monitor and maintain the clarity for what we are working on on your behalf and can also be a foundation for managing in whole other aspects of internal work flow and project management.

For this engagement with Infusionsoft implementation we can work from a retainer of $2,250 which works out to 15 hours of actual implementation in your app. As we continue to develop a long term working relationship we will nominally reduce this amount in accordance with how our work fairs out with one another each month by around 10%.
The outcome here is for you to have a fully functioning Infusionsoft application with running campaigns and processes in place to manage and maintain them while you are growing your business by leveraging the power of the Infusionsoft platform.