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With Technical Sophistication™

*Comprehensive Copywriting & Video Jumpstart Retainer



This amount serves as a retainer toward the copy & video priorities that will established during the strategy consultation. The copywriting rate is $80/hour, and video scripting $120/hour. These are some likely priorites that will be covered by this Phase 1 copywriting retainer:

1) Assessment of Existing Copy

-determine actual copy requirements, based on desired outcomes
-determine what new content needs to be written

2) Sales Funnel Copy

-copy to connect & engage, based on client profile

-clearly identifies customer needs

-lets visitors know they are in exactly the right place to get those needs met

-clear, compelling call to action

-irresistible opt-in & sales copy
-Landing page with video opt-in
-Opt-in email sequence
-Sales video
-Sales page
-Order page
-Thank you page

3) Custom Opt-in Video Script or editing of existing script for optimal conversion

4) New Opt-in Email Sequence and other priority email sequences

5) With this editing package, we also work to bring your web copy in line with your your most lofty goals for your site. We’ll help you define those goals, if you haven’t already, and meet them with compelling copy that helps visitors to feel connected to your business and gets them to take the desired action on your site.

Package Includes:
– One 90-minute copywriting review & strategy session, where we review your Web Intake Form, assess your current materials, and strategize on how to proceed
– Up to 10 pages of optimized web copy creation from rough drafts or existing material
– 1 round of edits with client feedback