Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

*Copywriting & Video Jumpstart Retainer


This amount serves as a retainer toward the copy & video priorities that will established during the strategy consultation. The copywriting rate is $80/hour, and video scripting $120/hour. These are some likely priorites that will be covered by this Phase 1 copywriting retainer:

1) Assessment of Existing Copy
-determine actual copy requirements, based on desired outcomes
-determine what new content needs to be written

2) Sales Funnel Copy
-copy to connect & engage, based on client profile
-clearly identifies customer needs
-lets visitors know they are in exactly the right place to get those needs met
-clear, compelling call to action
-irresistible opt-in & sales copy
-Landing page with video opt-in
-Opt-in email sequence
-Sales video
-Sales page
-Order page
-Thank you page

3) Custom Opt-in Video Script or editing of existing script for optimal conversion

4) New Opt-in Email Sequence and other priority email sequences