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Creating Your High-End Offer – Coaching Sessions with Dewi



6 – 75 minute Coaching Sessions to develop your new Group Coaching Program – (2) Client Engagement, (2) Client Enrollment and (2) Group Program Branding Sessions (or mix and match if more or less of each type of focus is needed). Each element may contain any of the following: Client Enrollment – Selling/Enrolling from Stage, Teleseminars or Webinars, Exploration aka “Get to Know” Sessions, Program Guide Creation, Program Up-sells, Selling by Giving Method, Affiliate/Referral Program. Client Engagement – How prospects and/orclients are engaged before, during and after your program/offering launches, Group structure/dynamics/support, One-on-one coaching/strategy sessions, Feedback Channels, Testimonial Collection, Affiliate/Referral Program and/or Special Client Offers. Group Program Branding/Development – Name, Tagline, Intent, Focus, Design, Packaging, Messaging, Positioning, Structure, Flow, Duration, Price, Content, Up-sells.